How to sell Seacret Product in your SeacretDirect Biz

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seacret productHow to sell Seacret Product. Well, there’s many options. The popular model is the Seacret Spa Party, or Wow Party. As in most network marketing business models, you make a list of 100 people including:

family,friends,co-workers,old classmates,colleagues,hairdresser,barber, etc-

You get the picture. If you’re already a seacret agent, you may even be doing this.

The idea is to throw a great spa party, everyone enjoys themselves, and you will get both new preferred customers and agents into your seacretdirect business.

I did this for several months straight. I sponsored family and friends, brought in new preferred customers. And, it’s not a bad idea to get the ball rolling, sharing like that.

The problem comes when this is the only model you rely upon for building your seacret business, or any network marketing business. That 100 person list for seacret spa parties is claimed to be your warm market.

They’re warm to you as a person.

seacret spa partyHowever-
a true warm market in the world of sales (which is what this industry is) are only those interested and qualified, and in the market for your product, or opportunity.

This is where most fail. Be honest-
How many of your family, friends, co-workers, etc fit in here? How many have your determination?

Having a seacretdirect business, or any other for that matter, understanding this is crucial. Truth, many of the people you personally know are not in this market. And to force it upon them will result in “pity sales” or burn bridges.

So, how do you sell your seacret product?

You target your efforts in finding and building your true warm market. And don’t misunderstand, those interested
as customers are not always going to want the business side.

So you have 2 different angles here to work with.

1. Marketing the seacret dea sea product for retail customers and PC’s
2. Marketing the Seacret Direct business opportunity

For both of them, you need lots of targeted, qualified eyeballs seeing them. You have to put “Seacret” out
there where people are going to be looking for it, and find it. So, let’s start with the most effective use of your time.

Going online. You will reach far more people online than you can in person.

seacretdirect businessYou will need a marketing strategy for both groups of people. As a network marketer, you will be marketing :) You can draw them to you organically (Free), and by paid traffic directing them to you. You need the system such as I recommend here, that will teach you exactly how to do that.

By signing up, you will save yourself a 2 year learning curve that myself, my husband and best friend Michelle have experienced by “figuring it all out, on our own”. I want you successful, not pulling your hair out in month 3 of your seacret business.

We’ve been in the training with David Wood and David Sharpe now for just under 8 weeks, and have expanded our true warm market list tenfold. These are people who are searching us out and want what we have – none of them are family, friends or co-workers.

When you lock arms with us, you’re also locking arms with the top income earners in this online marketing industry. The best part, this training is universal, once learned – you can sell anything and help anyone.

Incredible, isn’t it? Just click here, put in your email and get started. I look forward to your success!

To your Prosperity!

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