Hurt 2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) Are you here? Sharing my vulnerability here…

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deborah peters blogHurt. Hurt 2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) Are you here? “You can take this job and shove it!” Gonna share some of my past with you, I empathize with your situation if you’re in a job you HATE…working for someone you HATE…

I remember…

My days as an advertising director. It could’ve been the dream job, maybe. I had flexible hours, was only part time..

The first problem; My boss hated me.

He was a successful jeweler known for the largest diamonds in town. He was used to manipulating people with his money, power, etc. Everyone was treated like that foreign vendor, who was stripped of all pride and integrity by the time he got done with them. Even his employees and family, wife. Course this wasn’t obvious until I was on the inside..

the job was sold to me as a great position and others had not been able to please him…, some had even stole from him…he looked like a victim and I had pity. So, I was eager to show my loyalty, and excited at the challenge of creating some great magazine ads for him that would really be beautiful and sell his jewelry well.

The Second Problem: he was threatened by initiative and creativity.

Therefore, I was forced to design poor ads you’d never want in your portfolio, all guided by his hand. I had no creative control whatsoever. Here’s one of the few ads I fought for…

Then there was third problem: He was an unethical, dishonest, abuser.

There countless times where I was blamed for “mistakes” that he proofed and approved. Sending material to print for all the world to see was nerve-wracking enough, but I was the scapegoat for incidents he caused that eventually broke the camel’s back.

That last straw. Like a beaten dog.

Have you been here? Are you here now? You just stare at your computer, knowing you’re meant for better things…where has the time gone?

Do you ask as I did:

What am I doing here?

At what point did I just start working a paycheck?

Is this ever going to get better?

Friend, I thought it would. I thought if
I prove my loyalty and just go above
and beyond…

Everything would change. My boss would see me for
my value and honestly, hard work and what I
did for his business.

The day would come where his eyes would be

That day never came.

Like the video above, I had only built an empire
of dirt…

and like an addict or victim, however you
want to slice it-

I would come back for more and more abuse-
thinking I was in control of my situation.

The only thing I was in control of-
was allowing someone to abuse me-

Verbally. Professionally. Personally.


abusers don’t change.

I was also allowing this “job” and paycheck
dictate my future…


And after 7 long, hard
years of my life of being verbally beaten into submission-

he came at me with such a rage-

over again, something out of my hands-
and it was the last straw.

Deborah peters websiteHe was no different than all the times before
when he abused-

But I was. Something snapped inside. And I set
out on a different course that day.

I picked up my paint brush and laptop- and found my way into
art and online marketing.

It was the best decision I ever made.

I’ve never looked back – only wish
I’d done it sooner.

I’m not saying quit your job-
I’m challenging you to ask

are you fulfilling your purpose?

If not, why?

What is holding you back?

Do you have a talent you’re not sharing with
the world?

It’s crime if that’s the case.

Believe me, as much as my following
loves my story and posts and sharing-

I’m fed back just as much-
I need the support just as much-

as they need me.

I’m sure it’d be the same for you. Marketing
your talent online and finding your voice
is fun-

I never knew how many people needed to connect-
needed to know someone who has been where they have.

Needing to connect, even on a blog because their
real life is missing something crucial-

something real-

and solid, someone solid that they can
lock arms with and go for their dreams.

Is that person you today?

Cause I’m here for you today.

You can begin you own blog part-time
and build your following.

You can even build an online business just
helping others do the same as you get
comfortable with it.

It’s so rewarding! What an age we live in!

Just click here to get started-
put in your email, today is your day.

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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  • Michelle DeMarco

    Great post! I could definitely relate both in the way too long years I spent in a marriage that was not working and passive aggressively abusive and also in various work relationships where I allowed people to take advantage of me. Your message makes us all take a look and hopefully take action to change our lives for the best.

    • DeborahAPeters

      Thank you Michelle! I think part of our problem is simply a being woman, we tend to be sympathetic and also try to help/change one from their spiral downfall…but we get hit with shrapnel in return. I think during these times support on the outside is so important, and I’m grateful we’ve both had that :)

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