I gotta share this…it really ticks me off (work online rant enclosed)

Feb 11, 2013 by

Something happened recently that just gets under my skin!
In regards to work online.

I got to hear:

work online“I don’t get it. I would never do it, I don’t see the point in that!”

This is the response I got sharing with
someone the updates and good news about this blog
right here and work online. Sharing growing this
business, building leads and even selling an oil painting.

off the website. Guys- that’s huge. To have a sale
of a high end item from your website when the client
has never seen it in person, or at a gallery-
or at a show -

That’s HUGE.

And what do I hear?

Not support. Not congrats.

Just negative.

What’s with the attitude??!!

phoenix oil painter deborah

You know, I’ll be the first to share-
cause this is just me-
if I don’t know something or understand

I’m slow to judge.

Because in my mind, until you walk in
someone else’s shoes, or come from a
place of some experience-
how on earth can you give any credible

So I’m quick to listen and observe.

Do you feel like me? Do you believe that
as well?

So often, people put their mind on autopilot-
and are not even aware that their “patterns”
take over. Oftentimes for their demise.

Being an entrepreneur, owning your own
business, you have to be willing to be open.

You have to be willing to be wrong-
and accept you don’t have all the answers.

Especially with work online.

If you had all the answers, then why are you
still looking for them?

This all too familiar conversation
where you hear something and react:
“Hmmm….I’m not so sure about that.”

I challenge you, or the one in your way to

“You know, that right there, is most likely
the reason you’re stuck.”

arizona blogger deborahIt’s time to put the brakes on your thinking
if your thinking isn’t bringing the kind of success
in your life you’d like to have.

No kid gloves here.

Proof: Think back on a time when all things
came together for you, be it personal, professional-

What were the common factors involved?

The right thinking creates the right actions-
the right actions create the right results.

It’s that simple.

But so many, as my example above never get to
the right actions because of their own
self limiting beliefs.

They’re not in the right mindset to go out
and do something great-

they can’t, because in order to do something
great, whatever it is, it has to have your
respect and dedication.

az artist deborah petersthere’s a lot of that flying around too.

People that complain at everything and
work at nothing.

I don’t work with those people. Those people are
emotional vampires. They live to suck the blood
of those pouring out their ambitions and willing
work! Even work online.

So, guess my rant here is my frustration with someone-
who didn’t understand why one would have a “blog”…
why anyone would visit one…
or how one could build a business from it…
or even sell original art off it.

Not only do they not understand it-
but because they don”t “get it”, they discredit it.

They don’t see the value, whatsoever.

That’s where my fire begins. I have no patience with
such people. People that don’t question the norm.
People that idly sit back and say:

These are the cards I was dealt, no
sense in changing my life….this is what I
believe, it’s what I’ve always believed,


Anyone who joins me in Empower, using
the incredible tools my husband and I are
for online marketing-

will have to pull out their CARD.

The one with the I.D. that states:

“I’m not a Wussbag who expects things
handed to me. I believe in my ability to change
my course and willing to do the work required. I
accept sole responsibility for myself and my actions.
Deborah is allowed to smack sense into me if I stray.”

No Weanies allowed, period.

Truth; if I told you only what you wanted to read,
instead of what was needed-

I’d not be doing you any favors.

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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  • http://www.michelledemarco.net/ Michelle DeMarco

    Wow this is so true. I have an imaginary bubble to keep those negative people out!!!

    • DeborahAPeters

      :) Mine has been built over the years….took a while

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