I hate it when this happens…(rant enclosed)

Feb 5, 2013 by

I hate it when this happens...I hate it when this happens…SIGH. You know when you’re just going along trying to make small victories and something just gets in the way before you hardly start? It’s just so frustrating and defeating!!
But I will suck it up and take this as a sign.

That at times, I’m my own worst enemy-
trying to push forward
but end up 2 steps back.

So, here’s the deal;

I’ve always had neck issues that have never really
healed or strengthened…

And it tells me every time I begin a
new exercise routine, like px 90

Or one of the other px 90 workouts-
like Insanity.

I know, those are crazy workouts but the truth is-
you just start slow and build.

No one starts right out of the gate
being able to just do those workouts 100%

Arizona Artist Deborah Peters

You’re lucky to get thru half, truly.
And that half is plenty in the beginning.

So, here I am a few miles away from my chiropractor,
and physical therapist.

I had my verbal beating today, lol, to take it easy-
and slow down. I need to do a pre-routine to my px 90 routine…
or any routine for that matter.

Until my back,shoulders and neck-
can workout alongside the rest of my body.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, sometimes you just need
some YOU customization, right?

Phoenix ArtistNo matter what it is. None of us are cookie cutters.
So why should you expect to master the cookie cutter plan?

Maybe because there’s comfort in unity, right?
You want to be able to do what others are doing,
and do it well.

Maybe the lesson here is to recognize pace…
it’s OK to be progressing, even if it looks different
than what others are doing.

Kinda like my dog here, Hercules in the grass.
He could care less!

What do you think?

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Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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  • ThatBenPeters

    ughh – Yeah keep on keepin on!

    • DeborahAPeters


  • http://twitter.com/MaseDuceEmpower Mason Waclawski

    Great job!

    • Deborah

      Thank you Mason! :)

  • http://www.michelledemarco.net/ Michelle DeMarco

    Oh no…neck problems??? Very lemony!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/julieann.valdovinos.3 Julieann Valdovinos

    Great post…We can do what others do…just in our own way…no cookie cutters. Love your art!!

    • DeborahAPeters

      Thank you so much Julieann!! :)

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