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InfluencingInfluencing. Wow, is that a magical word! When one actually masters this power of influencing, there’s nothing they can’t do!

Influencing is everything, it’s what stands between you, your goals, and the outcome. This post here is for value, and today it’s about an action I took and got direct results.

Personal Branding and online marketing. I encourage you to join me, just click anywhere here and opt in so you can get access to priceless value (Dave and David, lol) for your online marketing. Tips I can give you here so you save yourself time, money and headache.

The major break thru I’ve had involves copy writing. Learning to write to be compelling. Influencing by writing what your passionate about and in turn, resonating with your audience.

The whole point of having a website or blog is to capture people’s attention, right? Otherwise you’re talking to yourself.

I’m certain, just by the fact that you’re here reading, that you’ve been “there”. Especially if you have your own business.

You’ve been in that place where people tell you,

1. “You’re not going to market yourself online!”

2. “You’re not going to build a following!”

3. “You’re crazy, you’re not going to make any money at that!”

4. “That’s for others, not for you. You’re not cut out for that.”

5. “You’re not going to be successful. You’re not going to click that link and get started.

6. You’re not going to decide choices of freedom, that’s not for you!”

Aren’t you just SICK of those people?

CRABS IN A BUCKET! That’s what they are. The only thing they’re influencing is how to stay in that bucket, and keep others with them, including you.

It’s time to shut them up. Here’s where you start, click here, put in your name and email. Leverage my experience with this outstanding viral blogging system.

Best way to be influencing is to be vindicated in your beliefs, and have the powerful tools in your hand to make it happen.

To your Prosperity!

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