Jennifer Lawrence, Jack Nicholson Interruption Makes Waves After Oscars

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Jennifer Lawrence, Jack Nicholson Interruption Makes Waves After Oscars. This is too funny; check this out. Jennifer Lawrence gets her interview and a neat surprise comes with the package!

Old Hollywood meets new Hollywood. Isn’t it the coolest when people you admire in your profession, turn around and let you know they also admire you?

This has happened to me several times in art, and lately, making some online marketing waves as well. Did you know you can post about cool things like this, even Youtube videos going viral – and actually get paid to do so? I certainly didn’t, now I take post a viral video at least every other day :) You can learn about this too, just click here.

I love it when underdogs win…an earlier interview some reporter tried to make her feel bad for winning an Oscar so it was going to scar her or something in the future. I’m all for going big, whatever you want, whenever you want. Life is just too short not to do what you want. It’s how I found myself here; I finally discovered, at the end of the day-

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