Lance Armstrong reveals truth on Oprah

Jan 25, 2013 by

Lance Armstrong News

Lance Armstrong news.

Ouch, this one is hard one to watch. You’ve heard of the stories by now, after all these years of being our American Superhero and holding the title for Tour de France…

The latest Lance Armstrong news is one of disappointment…the man is…fallible.


You’re wondering what I am reading this, “Why, how could he do it?”

What’s the point of going after something so remarkable only to have it unraveled years later? Those reporting Lance Armstrong news don’t know, they can only speculate.

And unfortunately, when it comes to the media, scrutiny is their middle name. As an avid mountain biker myself, the Tour De France has always been exciting to watch – I have utmost respect for those contenders.

For awhile, it was looking like the Lance Armstrong news was just scorn that an American won…

I truly don’t understand how after years later, tests of anything could show up as credible. But what can you say when Lance Armstrong news such as this blasts the airwaves? You can see his pain, telling his son hit the hardest.

Deborah PetersFor awhile now in professional sports there’s been pressure to get better, stronger, and more competitive. You have to wonder where one draws the line. And though this has come to light, how many other similar stories are there under wraps? What’s at stake?

Can the sports arena and fans truly admit that they don’t want Superheros? When the industry keeps pushing more and more, even beyond what someone can “naturally” do – what are we really asking for? I think we want both. We want Superheros more than drug free Pro’s. After all, out of all the professionals, how many are actually drug-free?

Not as many as you’d like to think, unfortunately. But where do you point the finger? The chicken, or the egg?

Like you, I don’t support drugs of any kind, let alone in sports. But I can empathize with a desire to be accepted, admired and fallible. It’s tragic that the Legend now has forever a black eye for the rest of his life, no matter what the latest Lance Armstrong News is.

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