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Maid Service Chantilly VAMaid Service Chantilly Va. Talk about testimonials! I’m going to start right here because we all know, when it comes to a good business review, let’s review the benefits:

Affordable, reliable, flexible, thorough and kind. Customer Service is their number one priority.

Here are what Maid Service Chantilly Va customers have to say:

“Maid to Please is one of the most efficient, fast, flexible, and excellent cleaning service I have found in years! I found them by purchasing deal for their services on SociallyIdeal. I called on the Tuesday before Mother’s Day and Angela, the general manager, was extremely nice and managed to fit us in that Friday, in time for Mother’s Day. Three people came to the house who were very nice and professional. When they finished in an hour, I was very skeptical so I went around the house thoroughly inspecting for areas missed and couldn’t find one!!!! I have never had a cleaning service that is friendly, extremely efficient, very accommodating and that does an amazing job. I highly recommend them and will now be setting up a reoccurring schedule with them.”- Laura


“My experience with Maid to Please is great so far. First it was so easy to get a quote right away on their website and to schedule the cleaning. The cleaners showed up on time and did a detailed cleaning. They are coming to my home twice a month now and I will highly recommend them.” – Kristy

Maid Service Chantilly VA

Maid Service Chantilly Va has set the bar and blown away their competition in the cleaning service industry. Fully embracing the age we live in, you can simply go online, schedule your service and pay all at once including the time, date, specifics and payment. All within 2-3 minutes!

What I really like about Maid Service Chantilly Va is that they let you personalize your cleaning needs. My particular area is kitchen and bathrooms, you can request extra special attention in those areas as well. They even have “Green Cleaning Products” to service your home with.

Maid Service Chantilly Va became established in 1991 in the Washington DC metro area, call or visit their website for your quote today! Just click here!!

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