Make money online while you enjoy “life”- (unexpected rant enclosed)

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Make money online. Isn’t it crazy to realize in today’s world-

you can blog, share what works for you and actually
make money as you go on to-

The rest of your life?

Now, upon doing my keyword research, I noticed this phrase
is searched 9,900 times each month on Google:

“how to make money online for free”

Now the post is going to take a shift right here-
cause this topic just gets under my skin.

Now, there are ways to make money online and
this discussion is what sets the amateurs
apart from professionals.

make money onlineOnly amateurs expect something in return
for nothing.

They’re ignorant of business in general,
and how it works. They’re the same people
that love my art but cringe when they discover
it has a price tag…

Anyone who has paid for an education,
understands anything of value has a price.

But for some reason, because there are
so many tools for free on the internet-
the line has been blurred into thinking
one can actually make money online for free.

make money online for freeAin’t gonna happen. You’ll set foot down a
rabbit hole – that will happen. No one is going to share
with you valuable tools that make you money
for FREE.

That’s insane and just plain stupid.
It’s not good business.

It’s not business at all, it’s idiotic.

But, there are good tools, such as the one
I’m using that are economical, just to get
And the reason they aren’t an arm and leg-
is that the founders remember what it was like
starting out…

with nothing. Or next to nothing. Now, I am making
money on this blog, I’ve invested in my education-
and if you desire to truly learn the right ways
to build your business online-

you will have to invest in your education too.
It’s also the best decision you’ll make. Click here
to avoid all the useless shiny objects and rabbit holes

on the internet. The ones telling you you’ll make
money for free. Those are scams.

Remember, I only recommend what I do myself ;)
It’s $25 to get started (click here) – where else can you
start a good education with online marketing
for that?

Trust me, no where, not a complete package.
It’s so rewarding! What an age we live in!

Just click here to get started-
put in your email, today is your day.

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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