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monetizing your blogMonetizing your Blog. This one hits close to home. There’s a few ways you can monetize your blog, let’s look at your options.

1. Get Traffic!

Monetizing your Blog starts with traffic. It doesn’t really matter what you’re selling, you just need lots of eyeballs seeing it. The law of numbers and statistics will take care of the rest.

2 forms of traffic:
Organic and Paid.

monetizing my blogOrganic Traffic is simply the traffic you’re not paying for. It comes from posting regularly and then syndicating that post – sharing it across all social networks, the more the merrier. The more places, the more search engines will begin referring traffic over to you, called FREE Traffic.

*99% of the traffic coming to my blog here is Organic. Reasons being, in the beginning, I didn’t have a lot of money to throw at paid advertising, and even if I did – I didn’t know where to begin anyhow! LOL! I began this blog just with the Gary Vaynerchuk model, share your story, cast your line in the water – and the audience will come. He’s right. Even when you’re ready to do paid traffic, organic gives you street cred.

monetizing a blogPaid Traffic involves a marketing strategy where you leverage other people’s audiences to come visit you because your website blog shares the same or identical content. It could be throwing an ad up on their website or paying a premium to market to their customer list.

You want a combination of Organic and Paid traffic to have a well rounded, monetized blog.

2. Advertising.

This one comes as your blog matures with clout, credibility. People will approach you to advertise on your website, you can set your rate and provide a space for their ad on your homepage. Some will ask to guest blog on your website blog as well to take advantage of your traffic visitors. Others will ask you to ghost write for them about their product, publish it and pay you accordingly.

*You can also expand this area into “advertising yourself” as an expert within your niche, such as paid speaking engagements – of how to monetize your blog, for instance.

make money online3. Promote an Affiliate Product.

This is the most popular route; there’s 100′s of affiliate products out there, you simply pick one that fits “you”, your brand or just what you like. If you like health and fitness, a health shake, etc may be a great product for you to sell. The start up is low or free, and you make a commission on each product sold. Most of these range from a 20%-50% commission.

4. Promote your Network Marketing Company.

This one runs much like and Affiliate, except it’s your Network Marketing company, of course. You can tailor your blog around your company’s focus and simple direct visitors over to your ads, or links to buy your product, or join your opportunity.

5. Promote your Brick and Mortar business.

I put this one last because it doesn’t just start and end online like the above. But the same principles apply, you’d tailor your blog around your business, and direct your traffic to your products/and or store.

While I have you here, which one fits you? Or is there a new chapter here you’d like to pursue?

I have found the fastest way to begin earning money online is to choose which one pays the best, and is easiest to use, lol! Since all starting out needing traffic asap, I promote a viral blogging “all in one pack that lets people fly out of the gate at a head start, building traffic right away, saving the 2 year curve I went through. This system also pays 100% commission so it’s profitable within a few weeks. The third reason I chose it: it’s universal so everyone can use it.

*Anytime you try to sell a product or opportunity that is not duplicatable or simple to follow, not only do you get discouraged and throw in the towel, but so will your customers.

4th reason I chose it: it’s monthly cash flow, not a one time sale. You always want to promote products with repeat sales, this is how you build up to residual income. You can grab what I personally use and recommend, click here.

Now that you’ve seen all the choices in Monetizing your Blog, which one suits you?

To your Prosperity!

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PS: Online Traffic will get you Leads, Leads will get you Sales, and Sales will get you Freedom. Don’t be a WUSS – What are you waiting for?

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