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flower art,deborah petersMoney Marketing. Just finished a nice lunch with my mom and husband, Ben, talking about our online marketing plan. The training I’ve been plugged into makes me very excited for the future. It’s very “new” thinking…

when I used to think about money, I never seemed to have much- think in terms of just getting it and keeping it. You don’t think of Money Marketing, investing- don’t think on the value of spending money to create more money.


That stuff is for wall street and plenty of other things out there I knew/know nothing about…


Oh but how today I feel differently. For example, I learned recently while building your own customer list, to have open eyes on others who have customer lists built- Negotiating a win-win way to market to their list- so that their customers are happy with what is being marketed- and the owner of that list also gets compensated.


That’s leverage. It’s worth the price too, this Money Marketing. There’s value in “not doing everything yourself”. Demanding you “do it all.” Have your name on it all, all the time.


For so long, I’ve always thought of “climbing that mountain” on my own…creating something out of nothing. Start with 0, climb to 100.

Being an entrepreneur, especially in the Art World- working with a “product” like Art and Painting where- oh so many “rules” just don’t apply… to the “normal” business model.

It’s easy to get lost in the fog of thinking everything works that way.


horse art,deborah peters


And of course the Arts are expensive, it’s expensive to produce a great painting and then a small fortune to get those puppies sold!


And you’re used to doing many, many things that either require much of your time, and much of your cash – to get a return, let alone a profit. Not leverage…

Whether it’s shows, road trips to galleries…I have a dear friend that told me once he did 6 shows in a row with no sales. I didn’t ask him what he spent- I have a good idea…The sad part – that’s “normal” in the art world.

It’s what drove me crazy, forced my hand to become business savvy with Money Marketing. The best time to promote and sell art is when you don’t need the money. Oddly enough- it’s the exact same process in Sales of anything. You’ll sell when you don’t “need” the money – and the reverse psychology that happens in that time,

only in that little space right there- People literally throw money at you.


monetizing your blogNot fair, is it?


What all this has taught, is posture. Sales happen at the right time, for the right reasons, with the right person. The only thing you can control in that process is being in front of it.


So, looking at Advertising, for example and leveraging your “target market”, you just have to be in the space in a consistent manner so when the buyers are ready to buy, you’re the one in front of them.

Moving next to Product and Market-

Fine Art has a market. It’s the top 10% of the population that can afford it and choose to buy. It’s so rewarding to sell a high end value and product like that. But, because it’s the top 10% of the population-

You’re not reaching 90% of the people. The market is small. It also means you’re not reaching 90% of the time…You’re working 100% of the time for the small 10% return. Of both time, and clients.

horse pictures, paintings for sale, deborah peters

And of course there’s things you can do, offer reproductions and so forth, etc. Just remember when you do this, you’re also competing with plentiful markets like the retail shops around.

So, you may have opened up your market, but you’ve also increased your competition. Which means you’re not competing at all. You can’t compete in price with a retailer that can produce thousands of prints…to your 10. You’re not China, lol. Just a thought analyzing the Art Market.


Taking a completely different product, like Online Marketing- there’s tons of tools out there-but there’s also tons of confusion to match. Lots of products, lots of price points- lots of demand. Not a lot of positive results and return. Which makes what I’m doing here so different. Helping people get started on the system I use, they don’t need to:




-build a blog from scratch
-learn ad copy
-create sales copy
-create converting ads
-learn copy writing
-wait for an aged website to build traffic

money marketing
Because I did all this myself, I gladly help others bypass this process, just sign up, start right away.


Because it is so simple, they’re encouraged instead of frustrated. Then while they’re plugged into a system that works, they’re learning of more ways to expand their customer list, and get leads!


For example, solo ads – simply having one refer your services to their responsive list so they join yours as well. If I had thrown money at this specific tool in my online business- instead of all the places it went in Art, Promotions, etc.

I’d have 300% the return or higher. That hurts. But I know now. And I’ve had to “untrain” my thinking and experiences because they made me a skeptic.

tiger picturesNot getting results in my past when I had forked over a fortune made me think the whole world was a scam. I wasn’t in the market for spending more money to test anything. No more Money Marketing.

But it’s a disservice to yourself to do that. You could be on the side of results if you let go. Today, I’d invest 10K in solo ads for online marketing, no question. I’d not however, invest that in Art ad for a magazine, lol. The latter is so far out on my return. In fact, I may never get it…

In fact, I’d take that money and market to qualified lists that could afford Art – bypass magazines all together. See where I’m going?

I know now what deserves my attention and money- whereas before I was just throwing mud on the wall
hoping for some to stick.


Which sounds really, really stupid - but it’s the way of the Arts.


Always has been. It’s why it clashes with business.


Sadly, it’s also the way of the unlearned, misguided entrepreneur. It’s more common than we like to admit.

You start with no money and you’re scared to spend it- but in reality you need to in order to see what works-
and make your judgement call from there.

Let’s skip the B.S.

All entrepreneurs need leads, need to build customers, no matter what their product.

And they need sales – and they need to be at minimum recouping their expenses-

working on profit, to have a real business.


If you have a business and this isn’t happening- don’t sit there “waiting” like I did in art.

Be honest with yourself and where you’re going.

make money online

I recommend a product in demand, with little competition- that 100% of the people can afford. And make it available all the time. That’s also how you build big business.

oh- and have it Evergreen and Automated. Evergreen means the product never has a shelf life, is always accessible, like an online transaction. Automated, a continuing product (monthly) that you physically don’t have to “clock time” to get paid and it keeps renewing.

Information products on the net is where it’s at. Sales that can happen anywhere, any time, any place in the world. Without YOU in the equation as much as possible. No overhead, very little expense. No more trading “time for money”.

I’ve done that…it’s time consuming and expensive. And the customer list- builds at a snail’s pace. So do the sales.

Are you here? Are ya tired yet of the grind? Are you ready for a real change?
Click here to join me, put in your name, email address and get started.

Everything here I shared with you is in the 15K training, you can be learning it too!


Enough of the rat race. There’s a much better way, and you can call it your “Own”.

PS: Oh, and that “posture” that happens that I spoke of above, guess what happens to yours when financial stress is no longer in your life? Guess where you can then put your time and energy? Wherever you WANT. Build your personal brand, Art, etc in the process.

To your Prosperity,
Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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