Now discover your strengths, be your own boss

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Now discover your strengths, be your own boss, small business, warm marketNow discover your strengths, be your own boss. Let’s face it.
The statistics and odds in this arena run pretty slim.

90% of all home businesses fail.
95% of all network marketing, and mlm fail.

Before the first 6 months.
That’s pretty grim.

Why do you think that is?

I can tell you why I think it is.

I think at the core, people are putting themselves in a different skin-
one that doesn’t always suit their strength.

There’s plenty of committed, hardworking people like yourself
willing to go the extra mile, but without the right road map-

that works for you, your heart just isn’t in it.

Now discover your strengths, be your own boss doesn’t have to
be “pie in the sky”. It can be very real, when we’re able to face the truth.

The following truly applies to all entrepreneurs and small business.

Take network marketing, MLM for example. What are the first things
you associate with that industry? I associate:

1. the snake oil salesman
2. the crowded coffee shops filled with more “pitching”-ruining my Starbucks
3. the overdressed guy selling the “lifestyle” that isn’t living the part
4. napkins and post-its with pyramid designs all over it…

YUCK! Who wants to be THAT GUY or GIRL?
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But you know what I see most? Good people, with good intention,
with a good company, even good products-
just trying to do as their sponsor instructed
told them to build their business.

I see good people frustrated and lost, losing hope. It doesn’t matter
what company it is, Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, Amway, etc.

You need leads, period. This is how I do it, click here. Mary Kay Leads, Avon leads, Melaleuca leads,
Pampered Chef leads…

It’s where I was with Seacret, and desire to get leads. I did numerous spa parties,
played the role. Had a great spread of food, demo’d all Seacret products for my guests-
some became preferred customers, a few family members became Seacret agents-

And it fizzled. Are you here too? You know what? It’s OK. That’s normal. I didn’t
realize how normal it really was.

seacret agent,seacret spa party,seacret rep,seacretdirect
These businesses are the business of sales. And in sales, you need a warm market.
A warm market is potential clients interested in your business.

Family, friends and co-workers may or may not be your warm market. They may or
may not be business builders – FACT.
I’ve seen both angles in this industry of network marketing, mlm.

Tapping into your warm market and ability to get leads stands as the
foundational problem for all business. This is why I started blogging
in the first place. Knowing that all sales come down to feeling and
people love story-

as oppose to product, opportunity, (YAWN)
The best place to truly brand you, your biz and your story-
is right here online. I have a fail-proof viral blogging
system that will help you do exactly that, click here.

Now discover your strengths, be your own boss. Let those interested
in your business and opportunity come to you. They’re looking.

They just may not be at the local Starbucks. ;)

To your Prosperity!

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