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Botanical ArtQuick post this morning before rushing out the door, lol! April will be the 3rd year with licensing fine art, I meet with my agents each month. We catch up on all the news in the industry, how the annual shows went where recent fine art I created had been promoted and the plans for the following month!

And you know, each month is different – in fact, each year has had it’s own challenges. My agents, James and Robert, have been a delight – and I actually met them by referral through another great art friend, Bruce at an annual fine art juried show here in town.

watercolour artSo, it is true, you never know who you’ll meet or what turns your path can take – just keep your eyes wide open.

So many changes have happened within myself, you be experiencing this too. When I moved from doing animal fine art into botanical fine art, not only did my approach change but also my preferred medium! Once an oil painter, I now use acrylics and watercolor, and I love it. The new experiences have strengthened my skills. Sure, it’s been scary and not every piece comes out, but it’s good because you learn.

wildlife artLearn. Somewhere in the chaos of space, time and hustle in our world, I do think you forget to allow yourself to learn. With it comes risk, even failure. But the beauty of failure, is success is around the corner. Ask anyone successful, they’ll tell you they failed many times. Be back soon!

To your Prosperity!

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