Oil Painting Techniques and key to success II

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Oil Painting Techniques and key to success. Wow..hate to follow that last post because my friend Kim is incredible awesome at what she does with painting. But it sparked me to share my journey here as well, with Oil Painting Techniques and key to success.

Here’s a collage of my journey the past years. This was 2007, my first paintings of horses :) I take my own photos, these were from the world’s oldest rodeo in Prescott, AZ. Now, it took 7 years just to get to this point, and it was finally here I landed my Aspen Galleries, with these first works that sold.

oil painting techniques

key to success

2008. Great photoshoot for these horses in get-up for this  commission piece in Wickenburg, AZ. It also won first place in the annual festival, Wickenburg Days.

horse art


pictures of horses


2009, more confident in lighting and brushwork…feeling…really hungry to incorporate more colors into the tans, and backgrounds…

aspen art,deborah peters

african animals

the following here is all 2010 to present…I really wanted to expand into more colors, but also various techniques of what I could do on canvas, began incorporating watercolor for transparency, depth of color, feeling and mood. Playing with ways to share animals, like the lion and tiger, for example, but not render them in a traditional way with technique and color palette. It was here I understood you can keep the animal’s essence – but totally be FREE, artistically.

horse art,deborah peters


flower art


african lion art

tiger pictures


siberian tiger art,deborah peters


Equine, Horse art


horse painting

To your Prosperity!

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