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Oil Paintings of Horse Art | Fine Art. Here we have some contemporary art! Well, in terms of fine art oil paintings, lol. To some this would look very traditional and the technique falls somewhere between realism and impressionism. What makes it more contemporary is the cropping, the way in which this horse art is represented.

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I love photographing horses, I could do it all day. Course then there’d be no oil paintings, lol! What has been my signature in the art world, has been the techniques, and color. I LOVE finding all the colors in neutrals. This horse is a silvery blue in person, photographed him at an annual show in Scottsdale, AZ. he was and is breathtaking. All I could think of was “Gunmetal” when I saw him grace the arena…

And I began really searching all the colors I could use to make that overall color while expanding upon it. Capturing the motion brings a nice life to him as well. “Gunmetal” is 34″ wide by 46″ tall including the frame. $3,150

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