Personal Goals and Life Goals

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Personal GoalsAre you serious? Are you committed?

If you were told to do x,y,z for 1 year to achieve your goals-
would you do it?

If I told you what you needed to do in order to be successful-
would you do it?

Personal goals, professional or otherwise?
It’s the same rules that apply.

If you were told what you needed to do in order to be successful-
would you do it?

Depends, doesn’t it?

Depends on who you’re listening to. What influence do they have?
Do you believe them? Do you believe in yourself?

Wherever you’re at, where do you wish to be?
Are you serious?

That will dictate your actions.

Do you see yourself successful? Financially successful? Personally fulfilled?

If you do, do you want to go fast or slow?

I can show you the long way, 6-12 months, of what I had to do
to get this blog off the ground, properly built and generating leads, clients-

Monetizing it.

Or I can show what I’m using now, to get the results in weeks that
took several months.

Here’s what I will tell you about online marketing and business-
you can’t sell what you yourself haven’t bought.

life goalsIf you’re an affiliate marketer, you can’t sell that product if you
don’t invest yourself-

If you’re a network marketer, you can’t sell that business unless
you have “bought” into that business and have achieved the success
you are promising others.

It’s an ethical thing, it’s a psychological thing, it’s posture.

That’s the problem with everyone out there trying to

Selling is simply convincing another of what you know to be true,
for their benefit.

You can’t fake that. The Inner Game of Selling comes down to integrity.

You can’t fake posture, success, heart, commitment.

You are either in it, or you’re not. People are watching.

smart goal settingNo one is going to sign on with someone who doesn’t know where they’re going, or where they’ve been.

When you “Own” your Personal Goals and Life Goals, career goals-
you’re taking action for change. You’re not talking about action-

You’re taking action.

If you’re not, you’re not serious. Are you someone
who talks a good game?

Or are you on the sidelines, not in the game?

There’s no in between-

You’re either in the game-
or you’re not.

If you’re not in, what are you willing to do to get in?

So many embark on Personal Goals and Life Goals of complete change-
but they come at it with:

“I already know how to do that. I’m going to do it my way.”

Those are the most dangerous words in the human language.
They are the words of failure.

How can one accomplish something totally new with no
experience, but bring an outline of what they’re willing to do-
and it’s a handbook of inexperience?

If they knew what to do, they’d be doing it. The sum of your
best ideas is what has gotten you where you’re at. Be honest.

And why are you listening to that voice when you’re on the bottom?
Maybe you haven’t hit rock bottom.

goal settingSomething happens when you hit rock bottom. A Miracle. You reach down inside of yourself and decide,

“Enough is enough. This is the time to go for it, no holding back.”

You reach down inside and pull something out you didn’t know you had.
You give yourself permission to win, and be that student to learn what
it takes….

because you know all the best intentions you’ve had before have
only left you empty, wanting more, they haven’t been the answers.

And this is the time you’re going to be honest about your
Personal Goals and Life Goals, your commitment to them, follow through.

Success this time?

Or failure…again?


The system I use, it’s a place where everyone wins. Click here. Myself, my clients, are
building leads, getting 100% commissions (which is unheard of in this industry)-
from a blogging platform. Residual income lets me paint at leisure, helps my folks out with retirement. It’s a whole heck of a lot easier to “play in the art world” when money is not an issue – and oil painting, all that ties into the business, is expensive. This keeps me economy-safe, the economy has slapped the art world.

How is an artist, an oil painter from Arizona sharing anything about online marketing? Because my friend, the process out there in shows, galleries, marketing anything – it all comes back to the same parallel process:

Traffic, Eyeballs on your product. Eyeballs, Leads, Conversions. Customer List.

I just decided to leverage my time, streamline my expenses and compound my exposure. That’s it. This is the world stage instead of the local stage.

smart goal settingThe best part about this system, is not just the money- it’s the value of real entrepreneurial mindset. It’s the education, as an admirer put it: “This stuff isn’t even taught in graduate school, unless it’s your specific field.” You gotta have your head in the game – before you play your game.

No matter what business you have, or even if you don’t have one and are hungry to start
making money online either as part of your Personal Goals and Life Goals,

or if it is your Personal Goals and Life Goals- you can start today, building your
future for tomorrow. We have an awesome inner circle of online marketing tools that will
blow your mind away. Seeing the forest through the trees kind of stuff…it’s easier
than you think.

Isn’t it about time to just get in the game? It’s time to write your own book, with the ending you want.

I write the things that need to be said, not what one would rather read. I do it because I care, I’m a no-nonsense kind of gal, and I only respect kindred spirits in business. ;)

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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