px 90 first week didn’t kill me

Feb 4, 2013 by

px 90px90. Part of my new year’s resolution was to detox, start juicing again and get back into shape. The kind of shape where all your clothes fit just right, you look and feel good.

that kind of shape where you have limitless energy till 10 pm at night. And boy, have I missed that!

Not to mention all this great food on the px 90 schedule combined with detox juicing does amazing things for your skin as well. I miss that glow and color. You may be thinking this is just asking too much during winter.

If any of the activities were outdoor, I’d have to agree with you. Thankfully, all of px 90 is done inside, from the px 90 dvd’s.

Yes, this morning as I rolled over to turn off the alarm, I felt yesterday’s work of kenpoX in my arms…right where the bicep meets the elbow…OWWW…who knew such a fun workout of some karate to get the heart rate up would work so well? Course, you know there’s well over 500 jabs, right cross and hooks in that workout. Each set is 25x…you do arms the whole hour…

You feel this px90 workout all over; back, core, shoulders, arms legs..and it goes quick, which is nice.

Today is Chest and Back which will of course be fun because my arms are already sore, lol. In this px90 Chest and Back workout, he does about a million different ways to do a pushup, a few with elbows in so you get the back of your arms really worked too – which is a place I definitely want to see defined by spring!

If you’re looking at any new challenge this year or even this px 90 workout, my suggestion: just go slow and listen to your body, because if you get too ambitious and hurt something, you’ll be out of commission and delayed on your schedule.

Doing that, is the only reason first week in px 90 didn’t kill me, lol.

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