Reboot fat sick and nearly dead

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Reboot fat sick and nearly dead. Love that juicing is still a major component of our lives and we did our first one nearly two years ago!

It gets addicting. And then you actually miss it when you go off because it made ya feel so good with tons of energy. Here’s the official reboot website with Joe Cross, gotta check it out.

I look like I’ve swallowed a sheep, lol!

reboot fat sick and nearly dead

The film is awesome and so motivating. We’ve done the reboot and now incorporate juicing nearly everyday. Here’s a great recipe below:

Sweet Pea

1 large sweet potato, peeled
1 bartlett pear
Small splash of Fresh Almond Milk
3 dashes of cinnamon

*Care of Reboot website.
Pass sweet potato and pear through the juicer. Add splash of Fresh Almond Milk and a few dashes of Cinnamon.
It tastes like melted apple pie ice cream – I love it for the morning or any sweet snack.

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