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Roi on social media, online marketing deborah petersRoi on social media, personal branding. If you’re an internet marketer,

I’m sure you have heard this question:

“What’s the ROI on that? What’s your sales?”

2 major problems with these questions:

1. First, ROI is Return on Investment – Personal branding isn’t an
investment like an advertising or marketing firm is referring to.
It’s a far cry from the expenses of direct response, traditional ad
media and TV. It’s the most economical form of exposure you’ll find, period.

2. Anyone asking this question had better have a background in sales to
even qualify the question. There’s a unique ‘touch-time’ period from start of
contact to the sale that ranges from 1-6 months, depending upon the product -
and that’s if you’re talking to your warm market – who already knows you.
Online marketing -no one knows you yet. That’s a curve no one seems to count -
unless they’re already familiar with online marketing, personal branding.

Is it worth the investment of time? Well, if you get anything back from what
you commit to putting in, yes. If you desire to treat it as a real business
and learn specific strategies that will make you money, of course yes.

However, if not treated as such, then of course no – and it wasn’t social media
or ROI letting you down – it was you. Let’s be honest and honest with those
around you that may not be supportive…

I know this is outside of traditional venues, plenty of critics,
naysayers…reach out over here because I’ve been there and
understand. The Arts, for instance, many of my peers don’t get
what I’m doing over here, let alone believe I’ve made sales from
this blog. Saddest part, they’ll never see the outcome of any success
from it because they’re not willing to give it a proper go.

My thoughts, when the day comes that people are searching for you because
your name, your brand and what you do, your business is out there and they
desire to connect-

what’s it matter what was invested?

That kind of branding takes thousands upon thousands of dollars in the
traditional venues. I know, I was an advertising director for years…

Trust me, put your time in, and in the right places – you’ll be unstoppable.
That’s so key. There’s plenty of shiny objects of distractions here on the net,
plenty of ways to be steered wrong – this training here, is the one that works.
How can I say that? Because it’s what I’ve heard repeated over and over from the
top earners in this industry, and… it’s working for me! I’m here to help you,
join me. Click here, put in your email and get started.


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  • ThatBenPeters

    Yes ROI will come!

    • DeborahAPeters

      It already is!

  • Michelle DeMarco

    I always like the comment “Are you still doing ‘that thing’???”
    People also don’t like the concept that they actually have to put work and effort into the RIGHT activities….

    • DeborahAPeters

      Yes, like it’s a disease you need to treat…”Do you have something for that awful rash? lol!”

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