Shaun White Winter X Games 2013

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Shaun White Winter xgames 2013Shaun White winter x games 2013! There’s such an admiration I have for exceptional athletes that are amazing sick with their talent! Every year and winter Olympics I look forward to seeing Shaun White compete.

He’s so fluid, it’s like he’s one with his board, the board literally has replaced his feet. He gets such height on his jumps and the speed!

Shaun White is unmatched for both speed and height for his hits but what really catches the judges every time is his natural flow in and out of the them, those transitions.

It doesn’t look like Shaun practiced to master these hits; it just looks like they were made for him, lol! You know what I mean? Of course we know he practiced beyond extreme. But he makes the unthinkable look easy, effortless and that – is a true talent mastered. In the athlete’s world, an amazing testimony of true devotion to such an incredible sport.

There is nothing more exciting than to see a world class talent just do what they do best, do what they born to do. And every year, Shaun White comes back with more tricks out of his hat.

Such a young talent and great role model for those that have a dream and shape their destiny.

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