Start your own business and work motivation

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Start your own business and work motivation. This one comes down to faith, and your dream.

So often, people want to know how much they have to invest
before reaping rewards. How much will it cost?

What guarantees do I have?


Life has no guarantees.

That’s an illusion we’ve all been infatuated with.

Remember this quote:

but in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. -Ben Franklin


All one has is hindsight, and that is only after the experiences.

What is your dream worth?

To some, maybe a few hours. To others-
a lifetime.

Success does leaves clues, when we’re willing to follow closely
and implement-

and do the necessary work required, then we can expect great results.

Can I be blatantly honest for a sec?

As a small business owner, you realistically are:

Marketer, advertiser

Rinse & repeat.

the most successful businesses are where one
is working their business, but not “in” their

Very difficult to do in Art. And almost as bad
in running an online business.

If you do everything yourself.

Your time is the most precious, valuable expense
you have.

And when you’ve invested months, years, you grow
and appreciate the experiences. You also respect the
process of education. You understand value.

In real estate there’s a saying called:
“highest and best use” of a property.

It refers to a property that brings the most
capital, return because of it’s zoning. Commercial
properties always are more lucrative than residential.

The moment I started using that for my identity in business-
everything changed. Now instead of

“doing it all myself”- I think, what is the highest and
best use of my time?

I leverage the tools now available. It doesn’t matter
to me anymore – doing it all myself.

There’s no glory in that…

There’s always a price, whether it’s your time and energy
or an upfront monetary price.

In the world of small business with marketing online, you have
3 choices:

1. Do it all yourself.

2. Go back to what you were doing before.

3. Choose a system done for you.

There’s really only one real choice, leverage. Always be
thinking of ways to leverage-

whether it’s your education, time, and money-
or all 3, preferably. Work harder, work smarter.

This system I now use, wasn’t around when I started 2 years ago.
The founder David Wood, like me, went through the experiences of-
doing it all himself…

1.Setting up a custom website-
2.hosted by go-daddy-
3.learning alexa rank
4.building web traffic
5.learning copy writing
6.learning ad copy
7.installing plugins
8.capturing visitor info
9.setting up auto-responders
10.converting traffic
11.testing paid traffic
12.building capture pages
13.building squeeze pages
14.launching email campaigns
15.split testing
16.mastering call to actions

Friend, if some or any of the above looks unfamiliar,
it’s what you need for online success in your small

The system I now use (David’s viral blogging system) has all this BUILT IN. This stuff takes years
to learn and do implement effectively. This is your
EASY BUTTON, click here, put in your name and get started.

Start your own business on the right foot.

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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