The good news…three forty am and dry cough

Feb 19, 2013 by

the good newsThe good news…I can’t sleep – oh wait-
that’s bad news.

No, it’s good, because even though I’m wide awake
at 3:40 in the morning…

I’m going to write this post and make it worthwhile
and actually wake up tomorrow ahead of the game.

I blame this on the magic juice, lol. I’m sure you’ve
either been suffering this winter with a nasty cold
or know someone who has…

dry cough remedy,deborah petersWe try to go the homeopathic way over here at my house
and my husband discovered this amazing concoction:

3-4 slices fresh ginger
4-5 pepper corns, some ground pepper
1-2 cups boiling water
1-2 T honey

Throw all in a cup and nuke it for 2 minutes. Yep,
the boiling witch potion actually makes your nagging cough
disappear, along with the irritating “drip” of congestion
that just comes with colds.

wei tai art, deborah peters blogMiracle stuff. But, 3 cups later and at this hour I’m
thinking that ginger has some time-released properties-
which would be great at any other hour, lol.

It’s OK, I’ll manage but now you know for yourself ;)

And another thing I learned this weekend from my Mother Inlaw;
if you have any allergies or asthma, get a humidifier. When your air
has 25% water in it, it actually combats the dryness, which tends
to worsen these conditions. Who knew?

That wraps up this post. Be well, healthy, strong and vibrant my friend.



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