The three C’s of Business Marketing

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business marketingBusiness Marketing. The three c’s of business marketing. So excited for these next ninety days, can hardly stand it. Since I left my old world of advertising and even art – in terms of traditional methods and going online, I absolutely LOVE what I’ve learned about business.

Not just business, but the lifeblood of it: Business Marketing. You gotta grab this GOLD I’m referring to, this post is just one of many valuable trainings that has exploded my biz, click here.

My old boss used to say:

“There’s only one direction in business marketing and that is forward. You don’t maintain, and you definitely don’t go backwards to succeed.”

He was right.

website trafficSo, what exactly is are the three c’s of business marketing?

Create. Capture. Convert.

Wow. My entire life story has boiled down to those three words in one form or another. Where I used to get stuck is all three! I simply didn’t know any better. Maybe you’re in this boat. I used to believe if you made a great product (amazing art, etc) that your exposure would naturally happen, you’d capture an audience and of course, covert.

What I didn’t know at the time, was that I was basically playing the lottery with my career. Forget creating art or your product for just a moment. The create part of your business is more along the lines of what you’re doing to create an “audience” to see your work.

Now, we need tons of traffic (people) to see our product and there has to be a way to capture their info. Step A is all for nothing if step B is not followed through. And then both steps A and B are also for nothing if they don’t lead to conversions. This viral blogging system here automatically sets you up with all of it, click here for a more in-depth video.

blog contentSo,

how many go out of business just by not understanding this process of business marketing?

Let’s use a prime example like real estate. Remember that old saying: “Location, location location!”?

The location for that valuable real estate and price paid for it comes down to a high traffic area, usually because of nice  amenities and so forth. So, whoever owns that property can capitalize on the value that’s been created by it’s location – it will bring traffic (people), ability to capture, and convert some sales. Therefore all surrounding properties including residential and other commercial properties benefit as well.

It’s the same thing with online real estate. In having a website, or preferably a website blog, you’re creating the exact same process with business marketing.

Ah, but not all websites are created equal, are they?

You truly do have to be a Guru to get your website in front of new, high traffic each day and that process, no fooling, is either a lot of expertise and/or time. Average Joe, on a “do-it-yourself learning curve – about 3 years.

How much is your time worth? Mine is worth much more than waiting for that just to be visible, I’m certain yours is too. My mentors Dave and David, after years of learning the ins and outs of Google, organic and paid traffic, conversions, business marketing, etc have designed this viral blogging system so you can plug and play. You can get started today by clicking here.

It’s $25 to get started. How much money and time have you wasted so far?

I’m not guiltless, I’ve been there too and don’t desire it upon anyone. Even my old boss, lol. Truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know. If you found value in this post here on the three “C’s” of business marketing, imagine how much more you could accomplish using this tool for your online marketing?

I’ll bet you’d Crush It. ;) Think on this, you didn’t find this post by accident~

See ya on the other side-

To your Prosperity!

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