The world doesn’t need more successful people…(rant enclosed)

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successful peopleI HIGHLY Disagree. Saw this quote this morning…and it really bothers me. It went on to say it needs more peacemakers, lovers, etc. Let’s talk about charity for just a moment. And money, while we’re here. Since this topic is so misunderstood, period. The lack or excess of money magnifies character.


The lack or excess of money magnifies character.

The world is not partial, and we see all types of people of all character – have both poverty and financial wealth. But why is it that the label goes around as though those in poverty are the meek, the lovers, the kind, etc- while those with wealth are the exact opposite? Evil, even?


Is it honestly true to say that those successful are incapable of love, making peace, and being charitable? No, it’s not. It’s a lie. A lie told by those who resent those with success, and money. In fact, you can go search it out right in your own Bible – not even God speaks this way of mankind. Why is that?


Because each person is unique, like a fingerprint. You are who you are, period. Success, or money or lack thereof magnifies who you are to begin with. If a successful person is an evil person, guess who they were when they were broke? The pendulum swings the other way as well; if a kind spirited person who is broke becomes successful, guess who tends to give more to charity? I’m so tired of seeing these black and white lines where there are none, labeling success and money as the ultimate greed and selfish factor.


It’s the exact opposite. Successful people with money are the givers, they have something to give. The broke can give the shirt off their back, and that’s a great cost to him, and may be just what the receiver needed at the time. The successful with wealth, can change that person’s life. They have the means to give on a larger scale.

When cancer hit my family 3 years ago, it was devastating. The expense of the surgeries alone was more than any of us had in our bank accounts. The there was the chemo and radiation…but you know what happened?


My aunt went has Non Hodgkins lymphoma, so a special chemo was made just for her type of cancer, to attack the specific blood cells carrying the cancer. It’s very a high end cocktail, and has only been on the market for a few years. It’s very expensive for this chemotherapy and she had to do several weeks at a time for it.

horse artistGuess what happened each time I took her? Guess what happened every time it came to pay the bill? Miraculously, the bill had been paid. By whom? By donations that come through from charities – these came specifically from a Non Hodgkins cancer charity.


A Charity that would not exist, without successful, wealthy people having the means to donate. But we never hear these stories. No offense, but the one without means can’t help in this arena. They instead can hold a dying person’s hand.


People are people, period. It’s time we quit labeling “success, money” as though having it or pursuing it turns you into something else. Nothing can happen to your character unless you allow it to, it’s time to take personal responsibility for who you are and your actions – be them small or large.

Successful people take the hit and learn this early on, it’s what made them successful. Which is proof the above title comes from those unsuccessful, who have are misguided, and have not learned the lessons yet. Which also means they are not qualified to be giving advice, let alone have an audience.

Had to get that off my chest!

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