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Internet MarketingThird step to Internet Marketing. Let’s review a little bit. Our 3 “C’s” of internet marketing:

1. Create (Create the space in which you, your business can be seen)

2. Capture (Capture your audience with great content and stay connected)

3. Convert. (Converting steps 1 and 2 into sales for success)

Today is Part 3 of our topic with internet marketing. Friend, all the things you create and all the traffic in the world to your website means nothing if you cannot capture your audience and most importantly – convert to sales, get the training here.

Sales is what takes your brand from part time enthusiast to being in business, right? Sales is no easy thing. I’ve been in art sales for several years and there’s an art to it ;) That said, there’s also an art to the written word for selling, referred to as copy writing.

Did you know sales is the highest paid industry and copy writing is the highest paid profession in the world of writing? So, taking the time to learn it properly and implement it into your blog voice not only will save you years – it’ll take your business to the next level.

The level that pays. Make sure you stop right here and digest this; all the tools on the internet do you no good if you’re not writing with purpose. Leverage the right training and equip yourself with the proper tools, this is what I’m using, click here.

Here’s an example of some copy writing to sell a horse painting of mine:

Day in the Meadow

“No cares, just each other, it’s a beautiful overcast day, the wind is rustling their manes, looking at them, there’s something that sparks inside of you..looking at them, they’re staring at you on canvas, beckoning you to come join..and looking at them, you get lost in that place of just total carefree, no worries, you go back to that place where it’s fun to be a kid again, a place to dream…

and every time you stare at this painting, you’ll be reminded not only of your youth, but the eternal child within…that is out there running with those horses.

Every time you look at this painting, you’ll be transported to that world, and it’s a gift that keeps giving, giving you that same spark, that same wave of love every time you look at it.

How do you put a price on that?”

Pictures of horses deborah peters-Sold!

You, your business, your product, within internet marketing is not so much about those things as much as “What will it bring to your client?”

Find a way to turn what you do around as value for your following…the written word of copy writing bleeds into everything you write-

Your headlines, titles, blog content, signatures, etc.

So, make it effective, compelling, valuable with ability to convert. Here’s how, click here.

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Everything I suggest – I do myself :)

To your Prosperity!

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PS: Online Traffic will get you Leads, Leads will get you Sales, and Sales will get you Freedom. Don’t be a WUSS – What are you waiting for?

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