Unscripted, the craziest truth you’ll hear today! Smart Goal Setting

Feb 10, 2013 by

Arizona Artist Deborah PetersSmart Goal Setting. Taking action and
getting results.

I think today, we forget to give ourselves
permission to learn-

when it comes to your smart goal setting,
it’s not a 1x time thing-
not even a weekly or monthly-

it’s a daily commitment.
But it comes down to keeping it simple.

We tend to over complicate things.

this over complication keeps us
from achieving our goals.

then be consistent.

this is the other half of why
you don’t succeed in smart
goal setting.

for example, my blog-
starting out, I just had my Gary Vaynerchuk
book, “Crush It”.

In that book I read 2 years ago-
he advised doing a post a day-
preferably with video…

unless you’re terrible at video-
then don’t start there, start with posts.

But you’ll get better with video if
you stick with it-

No one starts out knowing exactly what
to do-

how to do it perfectly…

Truth: you get refined and that carries through
with your process.

Just like this blog. When I post-
hundreds come visit-

Because of the consistency.

Because of the visitors also looking
to build a business online-

I get leads.

those leads becomes sales.

Notice how it didn’t start with sales.

Be patient with your smart goal setting
wherever you are-

if you’re new at branding, or just
looking to make online – or

Both is definitely the cake
and eating it too!

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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