Watercolour Paintings come to life

Jan 20, 2013 by

watercolour paintingsWatercolour paintings.

Love the new art these days of watercolour paintings that explodes on the canvas. Vibrant, free, I just let the water be used as my paint brush.

Two reasons I love creating these watercolour paintings:

1. There’s no way I can screw it up.
2. It has a freedom I can’t possibly create.

About the only control I do have is gravity, where to direct the water!

The best creations really do happen by accident. Guess how I came about doing abstracts and flower art of watercolour paintings like this?

One day while meeting with my licensing agents, I unwrapped some current paintings that were folded up inside, protected in a used canvas. The canvas had splatter patterns of different colors…

Robert asked me:
“What’s that?”

Surprised, I answered: “Oh these? These are just what I use to protect my table I paint on!”

He and James, my other business partner, looked at each other and said – “Deborah, we like what you’ve done here!” I laughed and responded: “Guys, I didn’t do anything…all that is pieces from other paintings…it’s not a real piece of art.”

“Oh, but it can be!”

Before I knew it, they asked me to continue the free and fun watery drip pattern that had been started on the canvas. Not long after, we discovered a way to take these abstracts and morph them into flowers for these watercolour paintings you see here.

Amazing how something so different can be so close, huh?

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