What’s in it for me? should hit you between the eyes…

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whats in it for me?What’s in it for me? Always, in marketing, ask this question in the place of your audience. Just finished a training on this marketing module, what a bunch of gold! The master marketers know how to harness this, unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and businesses don’t.

Simply because they are not aware of it.

You’re gonna laugh when you read this. Especially if you’ve been marketing your brand, your business for awhile…

Everyone is tuned into the WIIFM station – there’s the acronym. It’s the “What’s in it for me?” station. It’s normal, it’s human. You just don’t get lost in details, the bottom line of whether you’re invested or not in anything-

it all comes down to how you feel…

what will you feel like if you join a particular business?

what will you feel like buying that new car?

that new make-up line?

that day at the spa?

that much-needed vacation?

deborah peters artWhat’s in it for me? You don’t care about the boring details of attaining it – you just want to know how you’ll benefit. It’s the same with your prospects. What’s in it for me?

here, with online marketing, I could tell you a ton of details that goes into setting up website, creating videos, blog posting, sharing, Alexa rank, etc -

but this is the point where you’ll fall asleep.

But if I speak your language, (What’s in it for me?) and say:

“Make money anywhere in the world, doing anything you like

simply because you took your business online.”

Now I have your attention. And the moment you begin to think this way, of really getting

inside your prospects’ head and stop getting them lost in unnecessary details…

whether it be about:

Your business opportunity

Your product

The quicker your conversions will come, and with conversions, come sales. How did I learn this?

Well, like you, I like getting trained by the best in this arena. Here’s what I use, you can

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To your Prosperity!

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