Your Online Marketing Strategy and Income Producing Activites

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arizona wildlife art,deborah petersOnline Marketing Strategy. Wow, as an artist, living in the art world
so long, I have to say this is definitely a creative’s biggest
downfall. And..spelling too apparently..I see my typo above
but if I correct now after sharing the post-
no one will ever find the post…which is silly

and unproductive. See? Show must go on-
even with typos and mistakes, correcting tedious
things cost you MONEY. $$$$

Back to our post-

We get so tied up in the creative process, we leave little
or no time for the activities that make us money. In fact,
we suck at business, terribly.

And that has to turn dramatically in order to survive.

So the line gets drawn in the sand…

whether you really want to do your creative pass time
as a real profession or not..

I remember every seminar I went to, always hearing
that artists hate to market themselves, hate selling-
definitely have no Online Marketing Strategy…

they’d rather be in the studio painting…

well, my answer to that “who wouldn’t?”

But when it comes down to earning a living-

real businesses have a marketing budget and strategy,
and Online Marketing Strategy that keep their doors open.

botanical art,canvas artArt is no different. And working online
is no different. But because there’s many ways to
get caught up in the latest module or SEO
or blog…

oftentimes the activities that produce your income
get overlooked-

Before long, you’re burnt out because you’re really
trying to do it all at once, when you really just
need clarity, and a real Online Marketing Strategy.

Building an online business, following doesn’t come
down to doing a thousand things…

it comes down to doing a few things-
a thousand times.


your consistency is what will build
your business.

Here’s my breakdown:


blog post

online training (audio, webinars)

marketing, advertising

Roi on social media, online marketing deborah petersThat’s it. How to do them properly-
that’s where the gold is.
You can spend a lot
of time and money doing “things” that feel like
productivity in your Online Marketing Strategy-

but if those things aren’t making you money-
it’s time to shift gears.

What will make you money:

Build your customer list
Have a great product
Market that product to your customer list

The Online Marketing Strategy I use is the best system
I’ve come across in 2 years. You can grab it here.

Whether you’re new, or a pro, this system will
get you where you need to go, as far as you desire. It
teaches you how to think and work like an entrepreneur.

No matter what you’re selling, it truly
all comes back to building your list-

In art, traditional ways include doing
art shows, travel, galleries-
Personally, the best time to be doing
art shows is when you don’t need to sell!


They’re expensive and a huge time investment. The
Online Marketing Strategy used here boils down to the
same process:

Traffic, leads & sales. You just do it the most
effective way possible. It’s why I began online
marketing in the first place. Not only help others
with online marketing but expand my personal
customer list and brand myself.

Once you learn to do this-
you can market anything; Art, Vitamins, Health Drinks,
Skincare, etc – The sky
really is the limit.

Join me.

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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PS: Online Traffic will get you Leads, Leads will get you Sales, and Sales will get you Freedom. You can only join me if you promise not to laugh!

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