AFRICAN MAHOGANY Beautiful Hardwood Species From Equatorial West Africa. It Is Similar In Appearance And

Plant Biologyany of several tropical American trees of the genus Swietenia, esp. Santos mahogany, Andiroba mahogany, Mountain mahogany and others, are not related to either Swietenia or Khaya, but are attempts to pickup on the mahogany name or promote a wood as a mahogany substitute. Typically, exotic wood species score higher on the Janka Hardness Scale than standard domestic wood species do. Exotic wood species look beautiful in any setting—casual, elegant, modern, etc. Alpine/Italian spruce (also picea excelsa) is similar in tone, but varies in appearance in that it is a little more pink/tan in color (though still basically white). This is a popular wood for boutique bass builders and its tonal reputation is impressive.wood similar to mahogany

The scientific name of the Bubinga wood is Didelotia Africana and it is part of the Guibourtia species. With homeowners requesting open floor plans, kitchens and dens are popular areas in which to mix and match wood species. The wood stains easily but in general, it will not go lighter then the natural wood color. In Western Australia, Jarrah is regarded as a framing, engineering or more lately furniture wood.

Most common are curly maple (also known as flamed maple or tiger maple) or quilted maple (a bit rarer, this wood has a billowy, bubbly appearance). This wood is officially classified as either extinct, endangered, rare or vulnerable within its natural habitat in Costa Rica. Birch wood is a hardwood that is extremely strong and durable and so is a smart choice for solid hardwood furniture.

Also known as Shedua, Ovangkol is very similar in tone to Rosewoods, with a slightly brighter top end and nice full midrange. Similar in appearance to Mahogany, Primavera has creamy golden white colors with darker variegated lines randomly running through the wood. True mahogany” as a term applies to Mahogany family timbers in use that are not specifically Swietenia. Our Asian hardwood, mahogany and New Zealand pine are plantation grown and are also legally harvested and certified and controlled under the Lacey Act standards.

Going along with appearance, how a wood looks when oiled and finished will affect a guitar’s physical appearance, which may have a bit of influence on its selling price. Real Solid Cherry wood is perhaps the most prized furniture hardwood in America. They seem to be good representations of each wood, but wood does vary, and pictures vary, as do the computers that are used to view these pictures, so they should only be used as a general guideline, not a guarantee.wood similar to mahogany

Instead, they are gravitating to African varieties such as Khaya and sapele, species of different genres that share similar properties and have dark, rich tones close to that found in true mahogany, according to suppliers interviewed by Woodshop News. Amazingly, the rubber wood tree species is fast-growing, yet also very high in density and provides a hard wood material, excellent for furniture production. Khaya is a much cheaper species, sometimes as low as 1/3 the price of Genuine Mahogany however; so many will rely on Khaya for paint grade work. Each piece of wood is different and what each individual luthier does with the wood is unique.

It is very similar to Engelmann though a bit brighter, and Bruce Harvie has said in the past that blue spruce has often been cut and marketed as Engelmann. It’s use has been limited to the Australian builders but it makes a very fine neck and back & sides wood. It has a bass response that is slightly less than that of rosewood and treble response that is slightly less than that of mahogany. Workability of Hawaiian Koa is similar to Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla).