Better Bench Saw Vise

I sharpen my own hand saws, and I have designed a wooden saw vise from scrap that presents some improvements over other alternatives. Cabinet saws are heavier and offer the following advantages over contractor saws: heavier construction for lower vibration and increased durability; a cabinet-mounted trunnion (the mechanism that incorporates the saw blade mount and allows for height and tilt adjustment); improved dust collection due to the totally enclosed cabinet and common incorporation of a dust collection port.wood bench saw

The unit is light and compact and may be easily handled tocut the wood conveniently under the bench operated by the motor or other power, and to permit the same to travel back’and’forth for cross-cutting with sufficient travel to cut a- 2 x 12′, and to tilt at any anglefrom through -.5’and at the same time to be rotated through an angle of 360 for cross-cutting long boards at any angleand for ripping’long ‘boards.

This invention relates to improvements in bench saws, and more particularly to an under bench saw, in which a power saw is mounted and operates under a bench, so as to travel back and forth for cross-cutting with sufficient travel to out various sections of wood, to tilt to any angle from 90 through 45 and at the same time may be rotated in an angle of 360 for crosscutting long boards at any angle and for ripping long boards.wood bench saw

With a circular saw, you have to keep the shoe pressed against a guide while pushing the saw forward. Employees may be exposed to splinters and chips that are flung by the cutting action of woodworking equipment. Not a bad table saw but has low ratings, if your just starting out it would make a good saw for the part time wood worker. Since gravity is the only thing hold these boards down on the saw horses, they should both fly up in the air when you hit them. Off The Saw also partners with Los Angeles based shops, such as Offerman Wood Shop and Sidecar Furniture , to offer workshops to the general public.

This guide focuses primarily on the safety hazards associated with woodworking machinery and the health hazards of wood dust. To address this problem, researchers designed a ventilation control system that significantly reduced wood dust emissions into the workroom. If you are using a western saw, which cuts on the push stroke, gravity forces the work piece against the fence of the bench hook as you saw, holding it still. NIOSH researchers found that wood dust created by random orbital hand sanders is often poorly controlled.

Another great dust control accessory is FastCap’s ChopShop saw hood, which helps prevent miter-saw-created dust and debris from spraying all over the place. Even though there is a danger in having the blade protrude above the wood too high, there is an even greater danger by having it too low. This type of kickback is most common when cutting thin sheet stock where the sheet can either be curled upward already, or the edge is flexible enough to curl upward from blade friction, and catch a forward moving tooth. For the second cut, keep the saw perpendicular with the 4 inch side of the wood. The prettiest pieces of wood at the lumberyard aren’t always straight and smooth.

This way, you can use the shoulder of the fence of the bench hook as a guide for your saw to help you saw straighter. One of the most common tasks on the table saw is the rip, yet some experienced users still have some difficulty with it. I have seen woodworkers ripping a long board by standing close to the saw and pulling the board through in short, choppy, strokes. This is difficult to predict and can be impossible to control when using fingers to hold the wood down.

You can also use the fence of the bench hook to hold your work piece as you push the plane or the chisel toward it. I needed a saw like this for some projects I wanted to do. I have limited use of my right hand and a hand saw would cause more damage to my hand. For the majority of woodworking shops, the tool which plays one of the most important roles, and has the highest frequency of use, is the table saw.