18 DIY Sawhorse Desk Plans

While staying indoors, you might always be doing something or the other at your desk like browsing the web, making to-do lists for the house, or paying bills. Lumber sizes vary slightly, so it might be necessary to plane the ends of the legs slightly so they fit into the metal sleeves of the brackets. I wholeheartedly believe HideAHorse is the best folding sawhorse available, and I’m confident you’ll agree once you use one. Or, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of cutting a 2×4 into strips, just purchase a 1×2 strip and cut to length. You could also build various height cross members to support differing infeed / outfeed support heights. I also love working with tools and if I had to put myself in a category it would definitely be more builder than crafter and I have always wanted to build something from scratch.

The rugged sawhorse table centrally placed and covered with a floral-printed table cover grabs the eyeballs from the entry. Build pair simple sawhorses, Build a pair of simple sawhorses this pair is super easy to make with just a miter saw and a five 2x4s. As shown in the picture below, you can save a bit of time by setting your saw at 19 degrees when cutting the boards in described in step one. The Shop Boss from A.W. Engineering joins two metal legs with a 2×4 backbone to create a folding horse/bench hybrid. Then turn it over and put the other 42 inch 2X4 on the other side to make them into an ‘I’ beam.

You will want to note, you are cutting this bevel square to the narrow edge of your board, so you may find you need to mark both top and bottom, and recut through from the bottom to get all the way through the board. Then simply add a screw or two to the top of the legs and really that’s all it takes to build a simple set of wood sawhorses! After assembling the wooden sawhorse we recommend you to check if the components are locked together properly.

Tack them in place with finishing nails first, to be sure the sawhorse sits square; stand the horse upright and inspect it before you bury the nails. You can drape a blanket over them, and youngsters have an instant tent or cave, and they can even be used to support boards you’re cutting. One unusual decision I made about halfway through this project was not to secure the tabletop to the sawhorse legs for several reasons.how to build a sawhorse

The sawhorses in this video are very strong, stackable and do everything that l require such as cutting things on as well as using them as a an extra workbench by laying a piece of ply or an old door over two sawhorses. An eclectic mix of modern and vintage charisma with a sleek sawhorse desk giving you the advantage of using it as your ideal workspace or study table. I’m gonna build two sets, one with two 4′ beams for regular cutting and one with two 8′ beams for ripping sheet goods. The first and most obvious situation where a sawhorse is useful is when you need to saw something.

Putting an additional 2×4 flat on top of the horse will give you a ‘sacrificial’ piece of wood, that you can replace when it gets chewed up by your saw. Don’t get your saw out quite yet: The legs must be cut at a compound angle in order to sit flush to the sawhorse top and flat to the floor. You will also need a couple of scrap pieces of wood for the end brackets and a piece of pallet wood about 5 1/2″ x 31″ for the top. If the sawhorses are strong enough, the portable table can be used as a platform for tools like a table saw , although with caution if the top is not secured to the sawhorses.

I had to saw off the ends a little with my reciprocating saw (blades for cutting wood) because again, everything was a little uneven and needed slight adjustment due to the pallets. I was using a flame spreader on my torch and to my dismay it popped off and fell onto the table. I had to build some fence panels for our raised beds and since I had all the tools out decided to cut the pieces for these.