10 Reasons To Build A Garage With An Attached Apartment

If you are looking for a studio, an on-site apartment for a high school or college student, a rental apartment to earn extra income, or just a place to get away in luxury, look into building a garage with an attached apartment or loft. A garage with apartment above can be a good way to spend weekends – or even weeks or months – in your favorite vacation area. Before you can decide whether to go ahead with a garage addition project, you’ll need to make a few decisions. Secondly, without knowing your market it is hard to say, but if other homes have a 2 car and yours only has a 1 car, you are best served adding the 2 car (with permits). The latest American Housing Survey (2009) showed that 66% of homes have a garage or carport. When you put it on the market, you are in COMPETITION with every other house in your price range.

An apartment over a garage can provide a measure of privacy and independence for in-laws, older teenagers, or occasional guests. The city of Minneapolis requires a top view building site plan with relevant dimensions as well as a series of detail and elevation drawings of the building itself. When building a garage, you also want to consider ceiling height as larger trucks are much taller than the average car, which will affect building height as well as the size of your garage doors (width and height).

If you want the convenience of a garage attached to your house, the complexity grows even more. A garage should look like an accessory to a house, not dwarf it or turn it into what some people call a snout house,” where all you see on the front is the garage door. The unbroken two-story walls, nearly as high as they are wide, form a tall, skinny building with little architectural interest.

We have a 1 car garage that is leaning and need to replace, had two contractors out for free estimates, still waiting on one quote, the other one (J.D. Grittihs) we got a quote in less than 45 mins. Sounds a little funny but it will help you to see problems before they are created and works with many other plans to build something as well. There are some details to mull over before you start building your garage , but it is one of the easiest home extension that you can build. A monstrosity of a garage that sticks out like a sore thumb will likely have a negative impact on resale of the home. Talking about garage doors, I would advise you to use a door with a minimum height of 8 feet or higher.

Typically, a small British single garage is 8 by 16 feet (2.4 m × 4.9 m), a medium single garage is 9 by 18 feet (2.7 m × 5.5 m), and a large single garage is 10 by 20 feet (3.0 m × 6.1 m). Family sedans have become bigger than they were in the past, so the larger size has become a preferred option. Most homes in the area have detached garages, as they are all old homes – when not having a garage or driveway at all was the norm.

If you are comparing closets and storage areas in your house to a garage then that number seems completely reasonable. Remember, I am using $100 per foot while garage construction generally comes in under $50 per square foot. The second-floor apartment that suits you today can become an open loft in the future…or a game room, hobby studio, or business office.

As an example, let’s say you bought a house with a garage that was 20′ X 20′ wide and you had a 30 year, $200,000 mortgage at 6% (even though interest rates could be lower). For us, the barn and the attached garage were more important than granite countertops in a $100K kitchen. I can tell you from everything I have heard, read, in my area and a lot of other areas, if you have a good quality built garage it will add a great deal of value to the house.

Every garage should have at least one garage door — otherwise the calculations will not be accurate — but be sure you have the right size. I remember neighbors walking by at the time thought I was building a metal headboard. To include the cost of optional features, simply check the feature that you want to include. I read an article by an architect some time ago that compared the cost of heated space vs. garage space. The most expensive of the four possible projects is to build an attached garage.

Factory trained installation teams deliver the materials and assemble the garage immediately upon arrival in your area. The only difference is the 3rd car extends to the front of the house little more then the 2 car would. When a house is increased in square footage this involves basement/ crawlspace walls, but in a garage the wall being widened is the wall with the holes in it, the garage doors – air or empty space in walls has a pretty low cost.

There are three windows that will allow light in. There is actually room above the two-car garage plan to be able to add a small bonus room with bath. Our 2 car garage orders are custom built in the size and color that best suits you. D’Gerolamo points to one 20 x 20 makeover that included new lighting, flooring, ventilation, and tools that cost around $75,000. For the garage apartment to blend in with the architecture of the house, choose exterior materials that either match or complement those of the house. We’re probably the epitome of ‘wasteful’, since our slightly oversized one-car garage is designated for parking my wife’s car, and nothing else.building a two car garage

If the property with the smaller garage is not big enough, the local government will not allow you to add width to the garage. Keep in mind that the garage apartment does not have to match the house in every way. Most homeowners build their garages a little wider so they can open their car doors freely, and longer so they have enough room at the back to store things.

Attention: It is the responsibility of the customer to attain the required building permits and to abide by specific building codes, bylaws and rules applicable to their property or construction site. Whatever the use, a detached-garage apartment is an opportunity to create an attractive piece of architecture—provided that you don’t let the temptation to maximize size and minimize cost govern your design decisions. When I did a random, online search for home plans from 2100 to 2499 square feet I discovered 40 of 50 were 2 car garage plans. When it comes to garage size, the rule of thumb is this: If in doubt, build bigger.

Plumbing, electrical outlets and circuits, and a roof structure being expanded and enhanced to run air ducts for future heating and cooling all would increase the construction cost, but would permit converting the garage to a habitable room, if desired. Our contract was with Garage Builders not the Town of Okotoks and we did not know of any issue between the parties until the middle of July. If you find a house plan or garage plan featured on a competitor’s web site at a lower price (advertised or special promotion price including shipping specials), we will beat the competitor’s price by 5% of the total, not just 5% of the difference!

If possible, face the garage doors to the side and add windows and other house-like details to the front wall. Grant also advises designing a garage to match a home’s exterior materials and roofline, which may bump up the cost more. The builders Dave and Jim answered all my questions and even made some small revisions at no extra cost so everything would turn out right!

The price is $1.00 per square foot (of side-wall, end-wall, and roof square footage). I was recently quoted $80k for a 400 sf addition to my house, so I was scared a 2-car garage would cost about the same amount. Plans and Permits: You’ll most likely need to acquire a building permit from your municipality before garage construction can begin. Three or more car garages were more likely to be found in certain parts of the nation. Gambrel roof garage features spacious second floor (loft) and internal stairway.

When Larry built his detached two-car garage in 1985 he knew that the workshop space would be home to his auto-mechanic business. This plan format gives you a set of plans printed on Vellum paper that you can show your builder. If you require specific garage features or have a custom model in mind, we can design and calculate all the material needed for your project.

Siding was not too expensive, but the paint, and insulation, and then some cabinets and shelves, electrical bits here and there, a breaker panel, tens of feet of heavy gauge wire for the feeder, conduit, gutters, lights and fixtures, circuit breakers, coating for the garage floor, drywall, etc. Of course the garage — attached or detached — should integrate with the actual home.

Adding some extra square footage doesn’t cost that much more with this type of construction,” he says. The construction details for building a garage include … lacking only a basement or crawl space, insulation plus heating/cooling and the interior finishes you include in other home additions. Even the 3768 square foot home had a garage that was 20 feet wide by 22 feet 6 inches deep.

Good plans are not only necessary to get building code approval, but ensure that the garage is structurally sound, contains the features you need, and is designed to complement your house. Apartment is about 70% of the first-floor footprint, well within the target of 65% to 85%. The size of this two-car garage plan is just right to fit on a small lot along with a small cottage.

Now I know I need two eight feet wide doors to be able to list it as a two car if I sell my house, but I just want somewhere to put two cars inside away so no one knows when I am in or out, and sticky little fingers don’t break my window if I forget my phone or somesuch. See the Attic Two Car Garage Prices or consider an upgrade to a two story two car garage All of our custom prefab garages can be set up at the location of your choice. We have a complete selection of garage door types, materials, and colors to ensure you have that perfect match. I built a cottage few years ago and the cost was cheaper in Canada than the states.