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What we did gain clearly was the ability to customize our cages to our barn: we made them just like we like them and made them to fit our spaces exactly. Dexter is lifted from his hutch and into his run most days but he still spends most of his time in the hutch. And I was doing research on bonding and don’t want to get rid of his large hutch (we built it). If you need purpose built rabbit accommodation, we are happy to recommend Les Higham who can be contacted on 07973 737310. The mini Rex was officially recognized by the American Breeders Rabbit Association in 1988 (10), and has become one of the most popular breeds of rabbit in the USA and is increasing in popularity here in the UK. They will become very bored and lonely if they are left in their hutch all the time.

Also, swaddling the rabbit in a thin towel while the child is holding the rabbit will help the rabbit feel secure and will protect the child from sharp toenails. Other newer cloud backup services run continuously to capture changes to user systems nearly in real-time. That way, even if you forget to latch the door, the rabbit cannot escape by pushing on the door. Before bringing your rabbit outdoors you’ll have to decide if you’re going to keep your rabbit in an enclosure. Do not be concerned if your rabbit uses the sleeping area as his toilet as this behaviour is quite your own rabbit run

This can be a challenge, no matter how tame and friendly your rabbit may usually be! If your rabbit is going to be inside, you really only just need the cage, then you can let the rabbit run around the house. In really hot climates, a good rabbit husband has to make the most of airflow, so a garage or indoor setting probably isn’t ideal unless the ventilation is great and you can cool the space. When positioning your rabbit house, think about the access other animals could have. The photo below shows the damaged skin of a rabbit that has recovered from flystrike.

If you plan to let rabbits ‘live’ in the rabbit pen as you move it around your lawn every day, then you’ll probably need to add strapping across the top so no curious and dexterous raccoon-hands can pry the top off for a ‘free’ meal. With young rabbits you need to avoid fruit completely, and only give a very small slice of carrot per rabbit as it is high in sugar and often gives soft droppings. This is to ensure that your rabbit hutch will offer clean and safe protection from the natural elements. There are several different types of hutches that you can make for your rabbit(s).

He has a large mat leading out from his hutch and a large potty with hay 24/7 (gets new water every morning and night) Binkies happened a lot once we got him, and he was out a lot! Make a roof frame from beams of the right size, so the frame is covered by the outside of the rabbit hutch. Not only will you be getting a unique design of great quality but you will also be helping your local tradesmen. This can be done when mum is out of the hutch in her run, and if you leave her out for at least an hour afterwards she won’t even know you have had a peek.