West Palm Beach Colonial & Bahama Aluminum Hurricane Shutters, Exterior, Interior

Bahama shutters have been a popular choice for shutters when it comes to style as well as the value for the money you pay. If the top center of your window sill has one or two metal brackets or a recessed niche, chances are this was where shutters with hooks could be latched closed from inside the house. This makes them a popular style for subtropical areas, and they’re sometimes sold under names like Bermuda or Bahama shutters. Our selection of slide bolts, hinges, and shutterdogs are both decorative and functional. Bahama shutters can be installed easily on windows but not so on doors; you will have to consider colonial shutters for doors.

In addition, we fabricate many types of custom decorative building elements including trellises, louvers, grilles and vents. Founded in 1964 Southern Shutter Company has grown into one of the nation’s leading wholesale manufacturers of functional exterior and interior wood shutters. After this make the tenon, or tongue, in the stiles to fir into each of the rails. These shutters are usually hinged at the top of the window and can open up to 90 degrees or more if you wish. When shutters are closing into a pocket measure across the opening at the top, middle and bottom of the opening and use the smallest of these measurements.

Colonial Shutters are similar to Bahama Shutters except they hinge on the sides as opposed to hinging at the top. For years, aluminum shutters have been the favorite of commercial and high-end architects around the world. The Bahama Shutter not only ads tropical beauty to your home, but is functionally practical. Colonial hurricane shutters can be made with the same techniques as standard exterior shutters. These are more like a necessity to prevent your property from getting damaged during the hurricane season.

Equipt with a high modulus fiber clip which is flexible with a higher overall tensile strength, giving your hurricane storm screen the flex they need to decelerate fast-moving objects and protect your assets from damage. Bahama shutters not only operate like normal shutters, but also look like them. Many other companies have since tried to offer their own scaled down version of real do it yourself shutters.

These shutters look like traditional colonial wood products, but because they are made from fiberglass they will not rot, warp, or crack, the maker says. For the frame of the shutters you should use treated wood or cedar that is 1 inch by 2 inches or 1 inch by 4 inches. It’s also important to match the original material of the shutters you’re attempting to replicate. They are usually available in a smooth finish and a warranty of 20 years which is four times the warranty you can expect from aluminum Bahama shutters. Wood Bahama shutters are best if you are looking for functional shutters that also look great.

Decorative banding around a window or door using non structural products may require special installation steps. Bahama hurricane shutters hinge at the top and have adjustable arms allowing the shutters to be positioned at various angles. Bahama shutters were once an integral part of Florida architecture and are still to be seen gracing the windows of many homes. And we make the stays to fit your shutters — for less money than most companies charge for non-adjustable stays. They usually require a steel channel on the top and bottom of the window that must be anchored prior to installation of the shutters.

Bahama Islands Beaver DoS Bermuda shutters were an architectural item popular atomic number 49 Florida and elsewhere in the ’50’s and ’60’s. The Bahama Shutter when used as a decorative product over windows with impact glass will receive additional protection that may prevent the damage to even impact glass. These are basically window shutters, call it a drawback if you will but most people have no issues with shuttering their windows with Bahama shutters and using another shutter type, mainly rolling shutters on the doors. STEP 10: Using a drill, make a hole for inserting a camel bracket in the window frame.

Moreover, in a coastal environment or even otherwise wood suffers from rot, chipping, warping, and attacks from insects that can bore holes in the wood and compromise its ability to withstand hurricane force winds. Our shutter products include Bahama and colonial shutters, aluminum storm panels and accordion shutters…all that meet and exceed the most stringent requirements of the Florida Building Code and Miami -Dade code approval processes. If you stay in a hurricane zone then you need to reinforce your Bahama shutters if there is a risk of wind speeds in excess of 70mph. The Bahama Shutter is an exceptional addition to home exteriors throughout all geographic areas.

Once you get a good idea about the entire process, you will easily be able to make these shutters in no time. Your exterior shutters are built from your choice of premium Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, California Redwood, or composite wood. Bahama shutters are the premiere choice for windows on multi-story buildings because they can easily be locked from inside. These have been around for a long time and old time Florida had its landscape dotted with bungalows with beautiful wood Bahama shutters. Build exterior shutters with woods that have been proven to tolerate outside elements.

Expert Shutter Services has proudly provided Sebastian home and business owners with high quality Bahama shutters since 1986. If you stay in a place that is susceptible to category five hurricanes then you may have to buttress your vinyl bahama shutters with reinforcement. If privacy and/or relief from the Florida sun is desired, Bahama shutters can be positioned within the window opening.

Historically accurate and architecturally correct, the shutters allow cool breezes and soft, diffused light to enter the house, but they also offer privacy and protection from the ravages of a hostile seaside environment. These versatile shutters come in modern styles with a tropical flare that fit perfectly into a Southwest Florida home’s tropical theme.

Shutters are constructed with two equal sections in width and/or height, unless otherwise specified. Located in Vero Beach, FL, has fabricated and installed millions of dollars worth of the finest hurricane protection devices available. Which you choose will depend on the size of the shutters; larger windows will require thicker wood. Bahama Shutters are not only beautiful, but also serve as a protection in areas prone to strong winds, such as South Florida. Exterior window shutters come in four basic types: paneled, louvered, board and batton (sometimes called BnB) and Bermuda.how to build bahama shutters

The drawback with Bahama shutters is that you cannot add them to the door; you need an awning type of shutter there to complement your Bahama shutters. A big advantage with wood Bahama shutters is that they not only protect against hurricanes but also against the elements for the rest of the year. Other types of shutters often come loose in strong winds because of window mounting. When installing these shutters try your best to have those shutters that are storm rated. Vinyl shutters such as these don’t chip or flake like wood and are easy to install.

Order it the way you want it, we can make them with locking bars and flutter plates, which are needed for hurricane protect. SAVE MONEY: AstroFlex and AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric Shutters cost about 50% less than metal hurricane shutters. Bahama shutters can also be purchased at almost all stores that deal with these products although finding the best prices for the product will be a tough task. Many resellers buy our DIY Shutters or shutter parts, assemble them in their own shops and then add finishing and installations to provide a complete shutter service.

The shutters of your Queen Anne may have taken on painted-lady rainbow hues during the Victorian era. Our specially designed roll-down shutters provide maximum strength and insulation from sun, storm, heat, noise, and weather extremes. There are several questions that must be answered about the structure the shutters will be mounted on before selecting the correct shutter hinges.how to build bahama shutters

Installation is performed by moving the supports out of the way then locking the shutters down onto the building. So, your great ideas will save you and your fellow AEC professional time and make you more efficient. Aluminum exterior shutters are resilient and not given to any of the drawbacks associated with wood bahama shutters. They come in a variety of styles and shapes and the most popular one is the aluminum bahama shutters that happen to be lightweight and easy to handle. Exterior aluminum Bahama shutters are a favorite choice by residents of the Southeastern United States.