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If you saw our last post you saw that we have been busy at work making some really cool distressed wooden signs for Christmas. Since my shed is outdoors, and I wiped much of the paint away, I’ll still go over the surface with CeCe Caldwell Flat Matte Finish to protect it. That way, the wood still looks aged, but it’ll better resistant the elements. I generally try to control for the color by using tea (and choosing the species of wood) rather than using different strengths of the vinegar solution. You don’t want a ton of paint on your brush; spotty coverage and missed spots are good. It will give you the look of wax and it only stinks a little, since it’s water-based.

The second one shows a guy with some old wood making it look even older but mentions how it could be used to make new wood look old. You can see the wood is starting to look more brown and polished as the wax is applied. I would like to try this technique and I was wondering if it is possibile to rub the wax directly on the piece of wood, then add the paint and sand it after. Using something like 2.0’s golf ball cheese knife, gently scrape your top coat(s) of paint off your previously waxed areas.

Distressed floors also are becoming popular in commercial applications such as restaurants, retail stores and museums, because they add personality to the room yet withstand high traffic. I recently just got into Country” decorating, and i have several wood shelves that have been stored in the basement with what I thought to be no use…. To create a darker gray hue (think wood exposed to harsh elements and/or water), first spray the material with black tea, then follow the steps for a light gray hue.

And in fact, if you’re going for a more aged, distressed look, you might want to stop right here! Some DIY bloggers also recommend using steel wool to wear away the paint, depending on how distressed you want the finished product to be. Then, voila: A freshly-aged piece of furniture. When you have the amount of distressing you want, wipe the wood down with a damp cloth to remove the dust from the sanding and let it dry. In addition, white wax (for liming), furniture wax (for butter-soft texture), and brown wax (for antiquing) deliver specific effects. By distressed I mean it looks like the paint is chipped off to give it that old look.

One sort of a medium greenish brown color (called Truffle), white, and then two shades of turquoise. Its difficult to say with out seeing desk and the paint so I would recommend sending in some photos to our email address which is and I will be happy to take a look. You can also distress using a damp rag if you want to have a bit more control over the final look.

Even though we’re going for a rustic or distressed appearance, a blotchy stain can still look downright ugly. You can start with 180 grit sandpaper to see how you like the look, but feel free to experiment with other grits. Adding the stain to the top of the mostly dry latex paint will almost give the surface a greenish-gray tint. I wasn’t picky about the brand of stain that I used – it was whatever gray stain Lowes happened to have.

Group the holes close together to make the holes seem more realistic; use this effect sparingly, otherwise, it will seem too obvious that the holes were created for visual effect. In recent years, distressed floors have seen a resurgence in California and other pockets of the country. I also tested it today over dark stain (walnut) to see how it would react and it didn’t change the color of the stain and wasn’t shiny. After the stain has dried a day or so there are a couple ways you can seal and protect your project.

Before you break a painted surface by distressing it or sanding it, test it with a lead paint test strip from your hardware or home improvement store. My car is in the autoshop for the next couple of days and the only place I can walk to is an ACE hardware store so I figured I would make good use of my time and make some of my P..S furniture into something worth looking at. Many thanks. You can attack the pre-painted furniture with wire wool or sandpaper, scrape it with a large nail or even bash it with a hammer to take off the paint as deep as wood level. Make sure that your first coat of paint is properly cured so that it won’t come off when you distress to make wood look distressed

Creating that distressed look for a new floor is easy in concept, but it can be time- and labor-intensive and does require some artistic skills. Ways this look can be achieved include using a soldering iron, heated nuts and bolts or lacquer thinner. I have used a palm sander on edges of chairs to give it the distressed look – works great with very little effort. The next day, once the paint was fully dry, I used a hand sander, with 80 grit sandpaper, to achieve the distressed look.

Any oil/wax will darken the color a bit, but they’ll protect the wood and keep the color of the wood from rubbing off on your sheets/rug. To give your porch a shabby chic look, add white wicker furniture, lush plants and distressed details. Step Three: Stain or paint the wood in whatever color you’d like to show through the top coat of paint. See if the store where you buy your VNC products will let you open one of the tints and just dab a bit from the cap onto a white piece of paper so that you can see the undertones.

I even recommend gently brushing your hand back over the area you just waxed to make sure it doesn’t catch on any waxy residue. Finally, I secured an extra wood pallet board to the wall, using heavy duty wall anchors, and then rested and secured, with two-two-inch wood screws, the headboard on the pallet board. What makes these images so different is that they showcase a ceramic tile design that looks like wood slab cross-cuts or log ends. Let fully dry before you apply another coat, because the color does change quite a bit once dry.

Before you nail the boards to the plywood you can paint the plywood black where the seems will be. The black paint hides the lighter colored plywood behind the boards if they don’t perfectly line up. Use any latex primer with a large foam craft brush and lightly brush a dry coat of primer on the top of the barnboard stain. And to give the wood that old weathered barn look that is worn with dents and blemishes give it some beating with a hammer to create nicks and scratch marks. Look for stains that compliment the color of the wood as well as the colors of the to make wood look distressed

Step Six: After the paint has cured for at least a few hours, you can begin scraping it with a metal spatula to remove the paint. This is a great technique for any wood project that you’d like to give the look of aged paint. Just lightly sanding over the area removes the drip stain and helps the color blend (see above). Now that you have 2 separate jars, one with steel wool/vinegar and the other with tea, you can paint your wood with the tea mixture using a brush (or rag). I use a wire wheel on a drill to distress the wood and it works amazing, however I will try the rasp next time.