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If you’ve already got a smartphone and Sprint data plan, you can add a tablet to your existing bill and get 1GB of data for $15 per month or 100MB of data for $10 extra a month. While unlimited calling and texting is standard among the big four, some or all of the plans at many prepaid services and MVNOs keep the meter running on voice and text, so we had to factor in some calling and texting usage scenarios too. Sprint’s prepaid additions were so high last quarter that they surpassed those of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile combined. Except for the 200 MB of free data deal, T-Mobile doesn’t have separate tablet plans so I’ve included their prepaid mobile broadband plans, which can be used with tablets. An actual part of T-Mobile, MetroPCS offers standard prepaid packages similar to the mainstream carriers.

If you’re a frequent traveler to Mexico or Canada, you should consider its $5 option on $40-and-up plans to put either country in your home rate area. Unlike prepaid carriers, you don’t have to buy for allotments of minutes or dollars each month; instead, it simply bills you for whatever blocks in its rate chart you landed in each month. AT&T data plans range from $30/month for 3 GB of data on up (there is a 250 MB plan for $14.99) with some free device offerings, but you do have to sign a contract.

The plans don’t directly line up but, for the bandwidth, are potentially cheaper to use than on AT&T and Verizon. CDMA Flagship Plans include Unlimited incoming international SMS; customers may purchase additional credits for outbound international SMS. Just a day after Apple announced it would be bringing the iPad and iPad mini to Sprint, the carrier has announced a new set of data plans that it says will offer customers 20 percent more data that its US competitors for the same pricing. To help guide you, here’s a run-down of all the national mobile phone providers who offer data plans.sprint prepaid tablet plans

As such, its LTE network isn’t the widest or fastest available, though the company is making great strides to catch up to competitors such as Verizon and plans to expand its current LTE network to more than 100 new markets throughout 2013, as well as improve its existing 3G network. As of this writing, Sprint is continuing a Cut Your Bill in Half” promotion for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon customers.sprint prepaid tablet plans

Although I’ve spent almost all of my time as a wireless user on one plan or another from one of the major carriers, I didn’t sign up with my current carrier, T-Mobile, until I’d had a chance to try it at length using its incredibly cheap $30 prepaid deal. Now, I’m trying to unlocked my phone but unfortunately I’m not able to do it thanks to the worst customer service of Sprint. The best thing about no-contract plans is that you can stop using the service at any time.

However, in accordance with the Unlocking Commitment, Sprint and its prepaid affiliates are working to create new policies and procedures in order to unlock prepaid devices, or to provide the information necessary to unlock the devices, after certain eligibility requirements to be established are met. They have the lowest data costs of any MVNO on the AT&T network for pay-go plans. The Sprint iphone forever program allows you to get a new iphone every time it is released.

Ting remains the best Sprint-based MVNO for the Nexus 5. Unfortunately, we can’t really compare their plan to other Sprint MVNOs, because no other provider has announced Nexus 5 compatibility on their network. With those numbers in our spreadsheet , we went ahead and redid the math for plans with multiple lines for two and four people, but at many services, those aren’t an option. Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that tablet subscribers running on their 4G LTE network will receive 200MB of FREE data every month for the life of their devices.