Making American Girl Doll Clothes

If want me to make a video if how to make those things that I showed in the making part leave a comment. I adore this set. It’s probably overpriced at $48, so I hope you were luckier then me and got it on sale in March. American Girl has been nothing if not ENTIRELY UNPREDICTABLE for the last 18 months, so it’s difficult to say whether it will go on sale again. Since it is limited edition, it is slated to be gone by January 1, 2016 (or while supplies last). However, we saw last year’s limited edition sets broken apart and sold piecemeal in 2015 (at an increased price), so who knows.

I remember that literature from Pleasant Company, had a section in the American Girl Club” guide for when girls came without Real American Girl Dolls, and it said something to the effect of, not ever child is lucky enough to have an American Girl Doll, but that does not mean that she cannot be an American Girl herself.” It’s so sad to see Pleasant Company’s values in the gutter next to my own faith in humanity.

When you sew, the way in which the needle pierces the fabric is important. If you use a universal all-purpose needle to sew on knit fabrics, you may snag or break the loops of yarn. The wrong needle can also result in skipped stitches (needle moves through the fabric, but no stitches form or stitches appear large and irregular), bunching of the fabric, or knots of thread on the underside of your project.

It’s my sincere hope that all aspiring doll fashionistas would embrace the knit, so welcome to the Many Small Friends : Sewing Doll Clothes with Knits class! In the next few posts, I am going to introduce you to sewing with knits, give you all of my best tips and tricks to make working with stretchy fabrics easier, and walk you through a simple knit pattern to get you started.

Oh Julie, how you’ve captured my heart! I have to admit, when I began collecting American Girl three and half years ago, Julie Albright was not on my radar at all. Although I was born in the 70’s, I have no conscious memory of the time nor nostalgia for the era. In fact, I’ve spent most of my life rolling my eyes at the sight of olive green appliances, hippy kitsch, the iconic yellow happy face, and over-sized floral anything.

The bright (did I mention bright?) yellow clog-style platform shoes are super awesome. The platforms” are a thick rubbery brown vinyl. The top of the shoe is shiny yellow vinyl with a middle seam with a yellow elastic strap around the heel. These shoes are easy to put on the doll and they stay on very well. Taryn stands solidly and securely in her clogs, even with a bit of a heel.

When making a narrow hem on knit doll clothes, I rarely use pins or stress out too much about keeping the hem measurement ultra-precise. For example, a common practice to finish the neckline on doll t-shirts is to fold the fabric under 1/4″ and sew in place. I don’t press the hem first, I just fold as I go, sewing slowly and from the wrong side. A little spritz of water beforehand will help the fabric stay in place as you finger press the hem in front of your stitching.

If I was the stylist, I would have chosen my words much more carefully… maybe her doll is ‘special’ or has ‘special hair’ that the stylist isn’t trianed to handle… Or just take the damn money, throw a band around the dollie’s head, and send the kid off happy….. But that would mean taking customer servide into my own hands, and risk losing my job to keep a customer happy.

What really outraged me was not the actions of the employee (who is likely acting partially out of a top-down elitism that they could likely lose their job over failing to emulate), but the way the sheeple moms went right along with it and felt comfortable talking smack about a 6 YEAR OLD GIRL (and by extension, her parents, of course) and her bo-bo doll.

The tub is from American Girl (a gift from a relative), and the vanity is a discontinued American Girl piece I found at a consignment store for $6. The ceramic sink is actually a paperclip holder from the stationery department at Target; it was $12.99 (and my local Target still has them, so yours might too…but hurry, because it’s one of those temporary designer lines that they only carry for a short period of time).

This story broke my heart and I hope Etta has recovered from it and is feeling proud of her doll. We are NOT charging for the customization; we feel that it is absolutely crucial to boost the self-confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of inclusion for little girls with limb loss, and that something as small as a doll that resembles them can have a profound effect on their mental and physical well-being. If a kid is traumatized for having a Target doll in an AG store, I blame the parents for setting their daughter up for a big disappointment. Alll American Girl dolls were meant to was to make a big, rich company even richer.

I shared this story on our AG Doll Play Facebook page but thought it was one that I didn’t want to lose track of as it’s filled with really great information and history when it comes to the company itself and the original mission of Pleasant Rowland. Fortunately, American Girl dolls, and their other 18″ doll counterparts, have a big advantage for the DIY-er: they’re actually pretty easy to craft for. If that is your anthem, I know my child is never going to have a new doll from you.

Using it as a lesson on setting goals, deciding what you really want, and taking care of things you have is probably worth more than the doll could ever cost. I have been trying to figure out an affordable way to make a dollhouse for my daughter’s American Girl dolls and this is perfect!!! These are no ordinary children; these are children who have committed to memory the doll names and their hairbrush styles and the actual $350 retail price of the VW Bug for Happy, or Skippy, or whoever the hell the 70’s looking hippie girl is. And now I watch the next generation, my 4 y/ grandchild begging for an AG doll because a preschool classmate has one.

If you can’t find any old towels buried in the back of your linen closet, it’s fairly easy to find nice quality used towels at your local ‘odds and ends’ or thrift store. Nor will your daughter be able to run the wire brush through her silky mane, but if these are sacrifices you can live with, the doll will ultimately have a gorgeous head of hair that can be fro’d, braided, twisted..just like your girl’s own hair. And then we have the doll bedroom and work space…(if you saw our original doll room set-up you will notice we do tend to keep things arranged similarly).

This was a My American Girl” doll, meaning she was not one of the historical characters who simply came as is.” This doll was supposed to be one that looked like my daughter, an American girl.” I thought I was getting a somewhat close approximation. While your girl may want to have her own copy, she may enjoy discovering the series for free and saving the money for a purchase later. My girl still loves her bitty twin, especially when I give them similar poofy hairstyles. There is a web site that has all ogettinge pleasant company clothes patterns for free.

My ag bookshelf; advertise; my facebook; my instagram; giveaway win a rosie’s doll clothes pattern! I know they cost a lot, but my entire AG experience was a positive, learning, appreciated one. The doll comes with a set of Stars and Hoops Earrings which are only available through piercing; originally the Silver Star Earrings were the included earrings. It’s not difficult to call the birthday girl’s mother and inquire about the doll.

As you can see from the pictures above, the standard stitch plate on the left has a wide opening for the needle to move through. In contrast, the straight stitch plate on the right has just a single, centered, small pin-hole opening. It is much less likely that your fabric will be pushed down through this tiny hole as you begin to sew.  I was able to finally get her balanced without the straps, but it was precarious and she inevitably tipped over after a few minutes. I can imagine this will be frustrating to younger doll owners. I do not want to partake in this kind of culture where a doll is a status symbol by the very virtue of its to make clothes for your ag doll

Etta, you are a sweet girl with a good mom, and because of this, you will not end up like the harpies in the store, attempting to make up for failed lives and empty marriages by being elitist, looking for affection from plastic people and teaching their daughters just what the future holds for them as well. I just have one daughter (8 years old) and together we LOVE AG dolls so much and have fun playing together. Up for auction is one gently used American Girl doll and clothes shoes and accessories.