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If you love to visit salvage yards, this is a great place to pick up vintage or reproduction fireplace surrounds that can be stripped, sanded and painted to fit in with your home decor. Enhance your existing fireplace surround, removing flat trim and adding a three-dimensional wooden mantel and pilasters/columns to make it the centerpiece. You’ll have to staple the L-bead to the drywall above the fireplace and rely on the joint compound to hold it in place. It was such an honor to help make a room more inviting and comfortable for families going through some very hard times.

To build the side columns for the new surround, use MDF to construct two rectangular boxes with open backs. Then we cut plywood strips to screw onto the back of the mantel to anchor the surround that would come next. The fireplace was piped directly out to our garage (the wall behind our television is a garage wall) and then piped up and out through the roof. We had thought about cutting a couple of holes in the carpet underneath to anchor it to the floor but decided it wouldn’t be necessary with all of the weight of the fireplace itself. Specializes in manufacturing and providing premium quality fire place mantels and surrounds at competitive prices.

Surround your fireplace with stone and let it meet the ceiling to create drama and also to accentuate the height of the room or make a stone fireplace the focal point if you want to highlight the inviting character of the room. These pictures come to us from our customer in Huntington Beach CA. They not only converted their fireplace to burn FireGlass but ordered a large custom Aluminum Surround. It is your responsibility to make sure our products do not violate your local building codes.how to make fireplace surround

These types of fireplaces can go right into a drywall cavity; there is no real fire and the fireplace needs no special venting or complicated insulation. You can easily create the look and feel of a fireplace in your home (this is great for renters – just lean it up against the wall) by finding a great vintage or antique mantel online. Use a circular saw and table saw to cut standard dimension pine lumber to lengths and widths required for the horizontal portion and sides (pilasters or columns) of the fireplace surround. Nevertheless, there’s also the option of having a faux stone fireplace which is a little more versatile.

Remove your temporary support board, make new ones the same height as the piece of tile that will go at the bottom of the legs, and anchor them in place with masonry screws. The stone is a natural product and therefore is reflective in the appearance and makeup of the fireplaces. For those who think that using real stone is the only way to get this look, think again: Today’s cast-stone veneer looks a lot like the real thing, with styles ranging from stacked stone to river rock. The paint really cleaned up the entire build and made it feel like one meant-to-be unit.

After the gas line and wiring are done and all inspections are completed, you’ll build the frame, cover it with drywall, and complete the taping and decorating. Since this is a small, open area, we wanted this fireplace to match and contrast against all of the white and wood. Having pricing options to fit your taste in mantels, your budget and your installation skills allows you to buy just the right amount of fireplace mantel – not too little and not too much. Here we’ll show you how to install a direct-vent gas fireplace and run the combination intake and exhaust vent directly through the exterior wall.

In addition, all of our Premium Collection mantels feature our unique and exclusive Prestige French Cleat wall mounting system for the easiest installation possible. As senior technical editor Mark Powers shows us, it takes just a few days to build a base for the stones and mortar them to your fireplace for a timeless look that will warm up your holiday gatherings for years. I also like how well the different colors and tones in the wood go with our existing oak molding.

They’re one of those things that not everyone gets so it takes a special someone to find a metal fireplace perfect for their home. It offered a basketweave-like texture, which I loved because it almost looked more like a stone than a polished marble. Symmetrically separating his-and-her vanities, this fireplace stands front and center. The largest is the Pearl Mantels The Deauville Fireplace Hearth Mantel – No. 134 , which is available in up to a 58 inch opening width. A simple, rustic shelf or a Federal style surround can make a big difference in your home’s decorating style.

We started by bumping out the sheetrock into the room, so that the firebox of our faux fireplace would be inset into the wall. It would look more than a little odd, in my opinion, to have a rough-timber beam as a fireplace mantel in a room that oozes French Provincial architecture. Measure where the vent pipe will come out and make sure it meets the specifications.

DS alum Kate Pruitt shared one of her first DIY projects with us back in 2008 when she gave her (non-functioning) fireplace a DIY makeover If you have a mantel, but your fireplace is no longer in operation, try using foam core and wallpaper to cover less-than-stunning tile or materials you’d rather streamline with a clean, modern look. Choosing your own special ornate touches is one of the nicest things about designing and building your own fireplace mantel.