Footbridge Awards 2014

Thirteen footbridge projects were recognised last week at the Footbridge Awards 2014, which took place during the international Footbridge 2014 conference in London, UK. This little wooden bridge is used as a decorative piece, with a little boy statuette perched with his feet hanging over the water. When a natural looking bridge is desired, but the bridge needs to be a little longer, creating a simple stone bridge doesn’t require a lot of engineering. The team at Gator has decades of experience engineering and manufacturing aluminum pedestrian bridges. Many pedestrian bridges are located in the harsh environment found at outdoor recreation sites.

Industry standard deck options include cast-in-place, reinforced concrete, precast planks, open grating, and composite or wood decking. However, the rail operator has now revealed more cost-effective redesigns for the footbridge and aims to submit a formal planning application in the autumn. We conveniently ship our wooden garden bridges in a hard shell container ready for easy, simple assembly and installation. And there should be satisfaction in knowing that an arched bridge will be a unique landscaping feature.

If you’re going for a more natural look, choosing a thick, but flat stone slab is the perfect way to add a foot bridge without drawing attention away from its surroundings, like this beautiful natural waterfall and pond. Pedestrians and runners, walkers, bicyclists and others may use the pedestrian bridge. However, he used iron for the vertical supports and wood for the diagonal supports.

One of the organization’s designs is in place over the Ewaso Ng’iro river, serving a community near Mount Kenya, north of Nairobi, Kenya. The pedestrian bridge can be designed to span the waterway itself, the waterway banks or other environmental features at the site. Figure 8. Example straw bridge design (Howe-Kingpost) placed on the wooden support structure for strength testing. It was originally usual for passengers to cross from one railway platform to another by stepping over the tracks, but from the mid-19th century onwards safety demanded the provision of a footbridge (or underpass ) at busier places. The strong, yet light weight, aluminum frames will long outlast a wooden frame.

As the footbridge is situated over a high speed rail, pedestrians must be protected accordingly and protective barriers are required. The new £600,000 Boston footbridge will replace the St Botolph’s Bridge across the River Haven, which is a key route for pedestrians. The public was presented with four options to choose from with the majority in favour of design #2. It has the similar style of the Bridge Street Bridge with two high rounded arches and carries a price tag of $2.2 million. Once the designer identifies the width, they must then decide the siting conditions the pedestrian bridge may encounter.

Figure 6. Detail of the footbridge showing the use of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). And a laminated beam is not likely to check or develop grain-line splits the way a large solid piece of wood often does. The most common method to specify the length of a pedestrian truss bridge is the distance between abutment backwalls. The teams’ initial concept designs – revealed in February during the contest’s first anonymous stage – have now been further revised ahead of a winner being selected in the autumn.

Alongside the coming High Street footbridge and better direct rail services to London, Lincoln will soon be one of Britain’s most rail friendly cities for passengers, pedestrians and motorists alike. While all of the students involved in the project graduated in the spring, many are still active in helping raising the $20,000 needed to build the footbridge. She would like for bridge builders to pool their resources, use proven designs and commit to follow up on bridges built in developing countries even years after they are complete. When a little bridge just won’t do to cross a large creek or pond, you need a sturdy footbridge with railings.

This article provides an overall approach to siting and design considerations for prefabricated steel truss pedestrian bridges, but is not intended to be an all-inclusive, step-by-step tutorial on bridge design. In summary, the pedestrian bridge design process includes 7 important considerations: width, site conditions, geotech analysis, abutment plan, permitting, safety and durability. Clad your boardwalk in pine, ipe hardwood, or composite wood to achieve the traditional wood boardwalk look.footbridge designs

So, scroll down and look into 15 wooden garden bridges that could add a whimsical touch to your garden and could fill in the lacking beauty in it. We believe we have good designs for Brayford Wharf and will be holding public exhibitions on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October for the people of Lincoln to give us their comments. On either side of the foot bridge are decorative wrought iron railings that are incredibly elegant.

In our world of high-speed, long-distance transportation where bridges carry multiple lanes of traffic, it is easy to forget how pleasing a small-scale footbridge is, both to look at and to use. Wandsworth council said the bridge designs also ensure loss of open space is kept to a minimum, complies with the Disability Discrimination Act and creates a landmark which fits in with the characteristics of both sides of the river. The unfinished natural wood of the railings contrasts with the thick stone base of the bridge.

Services also included a Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program grant application, extensive public involvement, water main design, and preparing permits and construction documents. Services involved preparing preliminary designs and cost estimates for each of the three alternatives: repair/rehabilitation, replacement, and removal of the bridge. A panel made up of respected figures from the fields of bridge engineering and architecture, along with Council representatives, judged the designs.

A footbridge (also called a pedestrian bridge, pedestrian overpass, or pedestrian overcrossing) is a bridge designed for pedestrians and in some cases cyclists, animal traffic, and horse riders, instead of vehicular traffic. Two new awards were presented this year – the Jonathan Speirs Footbridge Lighting Award and a new award for the renovation or reuse of existing footbridges, as well as three awards recognising new footbridge projects in short, medium and long-span categories. A helical footbridge crosses the Bow River in Calgary, Canada, offering separate paths for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Built in the mid 1960s, the existing foot bridge connects Catherine Street to the rear entrance of the downtown core and is slated for a complete face lift that could cost between $1.9 million and $2.3 million. Red ribbons undulate above the surface of China’s Meixi Lake in this proposal for a dramatic, sculptural pedestrian bridge by NEXT architects.

The combination is our standard rail option for Gator pedestrian bridges and features vertical pickets within a connected hand and toe rail. However, further discussions are required before we are able to present designs to the public. In 2009 he completed an opening cable stayed bridge in Dublin, Samuel Beckett Bridge where the principle of the arch and cables are integrated into the design. This simple bridge starts with a fully welded E-channel frame with integrated aluminum decking.

The Orange County Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders built a footbridge there to give the residents easy access to the Segera mission clinic on the other side of the river. Architects and their teams have faced challenges when coming up with their designs as the bridge, which will link Pimlico with Nine Elms, is required to be tall enough to allow large vessels to pass beneath but cannot be too steep for cyclists and pedestrians.

Feedback received during the exhibition of the designs also showed the Paris-based team’s design to be the public’s favourite. Although iron and wood are not used as much today in modern bridges, the Howe Truss pattern is still widely used. Simple suspension bridge designs have been developed to be sustainable and easily constructible in such rural areas using only local materials and labor. Before starting to build your wooden bridge, you should understand its basic construction and the stages in which the work will be done.

For poor rural communities in the developing world, a footbridge may be a community’s only access to medical clinics, schools and markets, which would otherwise be unreachable when rivers are too high to cross. Your Double Rail Pedestrian Bridge is very similar to the bridge we have on our property. The horizontal rail modernizes the traditional look of our Cascade and Atlantis truss bridge designs. The top chord of our bridge’s frames can be cladded in natural or composite wood to achieve a look fit for a natural park setting.

CTS have an in-house team of bridge engineers comprising Chartered Civil and Structural Engineers to design the bridges that we subsequently fabricate in our factory in Yorkshire, Spans typically range from 3m simple timber kit bridges to 80m+ cable stayed steel bridge structures. Dundee city development convener Will Dawson commented: I’m delighted we are reaching this important stage in the construction of the Seabraes footbridge. A tiny stone footbridge might not be necessary to cross a dry bed stream flowing through the grass of a Japanese Zen garden, but it sure does add to the river effect!

Jordanhill railway station , in Scotland , with two side platforms, and a footbridge connecting them. Since 2005 he has been mainly working in the USA with bridge designs in Dallas, Texas (the Trinity Bridges), the Sundial Pedestrian Bridge, California and the Peace Bridge in Calgary, Canada. These dry river” beds are a common feature in Japanese Zen gardens, where they replace many actual water features. We provide unique and wild designs for America’s most inventive theme parks, so go wild with your GatorBridge plan.

Place each bridge on the wooden support structure (see Figure 8). Position a small paper cup on the bridge at the center of the span; do not place the cup at any other location. The latter is a type of pedestrian separation structure , examples of which are particularly found near schools, to help prevent children running in front of moving cars. Adding potted plants to the steps is another great way to add greenery to any large, wooden structure.