Woodpecker Router Lift Manual

The new model is essentially the same as the second-version lift that Woodcraft has been carrying for a while, which is the same as a conventional lift in the fact that it has a lead screw that moves a carriage up and down to position the router. Click the button below to add the Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift V2 420 (PRL-V2-420) to your wish list. Starting with little more than a few routers we’ve grown into a full fledged manufacturer of router lifts, router fences, measuring & layout tools and many useful clamping accessories. The lift allows above the table bit changes, still requires 2 wrenches since there is no shaft lock unfortunately. It would work equally as well on other items such as the router table, Incra Mitre Express, the T slots on a Torque Workcentre, and any homemade jigs that you have incorporated T slots.

After years of going through Every lift you can think of I am resigned to the fact that KISS is best. However, that is not the only form of the router lift that is out there, and the American version, the Precision Router Lift Version 2 (or shortened to PRL V2) is now available here. In my opinion, the best feature in a router lift is, having the ability to adjust the bit height from above the table. Unpacking the table top first, I placed it upside-down on a pair of sawhorses so I would have ready access for placing the various lift mounting screws.

While I treasure my Hitachi CB100FA bandsaw, I have never done a formal sort of tool review on it here on T.C.W. The machine, while still in production in Japan, has not been available in North America for at least 10 years, so it seems a bit pointless to review a machine few could lay their hands on. I don’t do a lot of router work, but its primarily due to the time it takes to setup and switch out my stuff. Throughout testing, the PRL lift mechanism was easy to operate and the fine thread made hitting very small changes simple. The other is on my home made router table fixed to my old Elu 177E with no plate at all.

I’m stuck between MDF and phenolic for the top and whether or not the Rockler FX lift is any good. The US don’t use plunge routers as much, so the fixed router lifts are still common, and available but not the one that will fit a plunge router. Some of you may be interested to know, especially Paul, that above the table bit changes are possible with the v2 lift while using the Bosch 1617 router. The following year, the company’s fortunes were flagging somewhat, and in a classic last ditch, ‘hail Mary throw’ effort, Smith scraped together/begged/borrowed $60,000 to develop the Rout-R Lift and took it to the Anaheim show.

Top quality JessEm router lifts and those by Woodpeckers give you the router table lift features you need. I would race anyone with this system and beat them and still get the most accurate precise bit change and height(no lift). MLCS just came out with a lift that is kinda neat as it has the lift handle coming out of the side instead of the top. I have to say that the form, fit and function on Woodpecker products is fabulous!

Dunno how many different lift mfg are involved..The Kreg lift just looks a Woodpecker lift painted blue. Generally you will only have to access this compartment to adjust the speed of the router. To reduce the risk of serious injury and/or damage to your Festool product, always read, understand and follow all warnings and instructions in your Festool product’s Instruction Manual. Over time, as parts wear, the nut can be tightened slightly to take up the wear.woodpeckers router lift

I posted the images of the Woodpecker using the Dropbox method mentioned the other day. As far as the OP goes, I have a Bench Dog lift and love it. Got it used, so its not one of the ones thats been produced after Rockler took over (some people say quality went downhill after that). Rod I have two Router Raizers in my school workshop one on the Incra table fixed to my DW625 through and Incra magna lock plate with clean sweep rings. Click the button below to add the Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift V2 350 (PRL-V2-350) to your wish list. We are working up our stock holding of these products but a lot of the American router lifts aren’t designed to hold european routers.

We do supply the Incra Mast-R-Lift II and are expecting our largest Woodpecker delivery this week. One lesson that Jessem is taking forward involves a recognition that the bulk of past quality control issues centered upon the assembly of their products, not the manufacturing of the parts. I would also look at the Excalibur 40-200C table with their 40-125 lift for higher end table and lift.

Haven’t used it on a big project yet, only made a few test cuts but I’m delighted and very impressed with the way the lift is made and how well it works. You should also make sure that your table will allow easy access to the lift controls, especially if you have built it yourself or did not buy a mainstream model. I’ve actually routed the table slots but I still have to machine the parts – hopefully tomorrow. Sorry to bump an old thread but I talked to the owner of woodpeckers and they do indeed make the lift for Kreg and Incra at least as of 2015. Can’t say enough good about it. Use it for my 3 1/4 hp Porter cable router and love it.

This alone is worth the price of admission but add up all the additional features together and this may be the last router lift you will ever need. I wanted a second router table setup and after giving up on the hopes of seeing a CMS anytime soon (except at the Festool class) I did some research and bought a Incra LS17, Incra/Woodpeckers PRL v2 with a Milwaukee 5625-20 and a Woodpeckers 27×43 offset table which i recieved this week. The new lift mechanism eliminated the belts and is direct drive right onto the side of the lift. The Festool 1400 is the best plunge router I have ever had the privelage of using.

Unlike past models, where a buyer needed to purchase an adapter to mount routers other than the Porter Cable 7518, the new lift’s mounts can be located in several positions to accommodate a wide variety of different router brands. My one and only complaint about the quick lift is that I do not have the option of an under the table adjustment. I really like some of the one’s I have seen with acrylic router plates, I’m just concerned with it flexing.

The clamp also utilises the Woodpeckers Multi-knob, which makes gripping the knob and tensioning it up easy. The PRL lift mechanism is very stable, super accurate and easy operating thanks to a pair of 1/16” or 1/32-pitch threaded, chain-driven lift screws. For customers to use when dropping in standard American router plates in to home made router tables.

I had frustrations with the old Mast-R Lift Excel, and yet when I looked to replace it, having considered many options and products on the market, I concluded that Jessem’s new Mast-R Lift Excel II clearly looked like the best product. I don’t see a big difference between the PRL and the PRL-V2, but maybe I missed it. I know the V2 has the thumbwheel adjuster that allows fine adjustment w/ using the hand crank but with the sidewinder on the PRL I think I will have about the same thing plus I will not need to use the hand crank at all. I recommend either the JessEm router lift ‘Rout-R-Lift’ or the Woodpeckers router lift ‘Unilift’.

Up until 2004 we focused on demonstrating tools at woodworking shows throughout the U.S. Since 1993 we’ve been manufacturing router tables and router mounting plates. After you get the router to the approximate level it is very easy to then make minor adjustments with the thumb wheel. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing however since the success of the first Rout-R Lift. On the other hand, MCLS and Eagle have worked together to make a motorized lift system.

For Router Tables Router Lifts Router Bits Precision Squares very well woodwork Tools Bessey Clamps Kreg Whiteside Incra Products and. The Wonder Fence is a split fence system that allows the router system to work like an edge-planer. I have been debating this lift but have not found a review that I have felt comfortable with- until now. After the router bit height is in the ballpark, no tools are necessary for fine tuning.

I like it the lift as my Porter Cable 7518 weighs a lot and this plate/lift can handle it no problem. I added a storage system for the collets for both the Milwaukee router as well as my portable routers found in the shop. Hi I’m CP and my goal is to. The Precision Router Lift V2 PRL V2 combines the best Hoosier State router lift The PRL V2 is manufactured entirely in the U.S.A by Woodpeckers.

I’m looking for a router lift which I can adjust from the table top, replace bits from the top, basically do everything from the top and not have to go underneath the table. As far as the router goes, it is fairly easy to remove the adjustment screw, but you would only want to do that if the router is dedicated to the table. The lift comes configured from the factory to mount the 7518, which suited me fine.

I estimate that with the cost of the router, LS Super System, router lift and table top – all of which were purchased for this project, and the cost of materials for building the cabinet, is around $1,400. The table with the fence along with the stand and then you can add onto it there router mounting system. Unfortunately there were some hold ups at Jessem’s end in the production of the lift mechanisms – actually the problems were with a supplier who anodizes their parts, who had got the color wrong on a batch of components. I can really see how having the Woodpeckers Mitre Clamp set mounted to a jig would give a very good result.

Experience the full critique in our shaft Reviews Router Lifts from Woodpecker combine the best newly router lift technology. Sometimes its the little details that make all the difference – like this reference showing the direction to adjust the router lift and lead screw on the Incra jig. Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual. Really easy to set up and use, and made my router table a much more used machine.

The third drawer holds router bit sets as well as miscellaneous items that can be used with the router station. I’ve had my eye on the Bosch benchtop router table, but after reading the comments, I realized that I have the perfect base for a dedicated router table. The Mast-R-Lift II allows fast, incredibly precise height adjustments conveniently made from above the table, and it also provides you with the ability to change router bits from above. Just made sure that the lift was raised all the way up and dropped in the router.woodpeckers router lift