Craftsman (Tools)

I was all set to purchase the mechanics tool set # 40263 until I read in the reviews that it was made in China. Craftsman 8 pc screwdriver set, phillips & slotted, , Cm screwdriver set 8 pc. product information technical details part number 00947136 item weight 1.2 pounds product dimensions 1.4 11.5 11.7 inches item model. There are a hand full of other minor players (Vermont American, etc) and an endless list of Taiwanese import tool companies (some of which Stanley own as well as Danaher to serve the lower end consumer import brands at WalMart, etc).

In their prime Sears was once the Amazon of its day, seem to be rather quickly fading. You can get any quality you want, made in Taiwan/China, the key is that you keep your own people on the site for quality control. I am to the point in my tool collection now, that if I need a new wrench/pliers, I seek out the Made in the USA tool. Seems like every deep shank craftsman socket I have bought post-2000 has been a pos that splits on stuck hardware.

The wrench set I got it did not take long before I got some Craftsman because the wrench would just round off the corner of a bolt instead of loosening it. I have had one ratchet quit on me after several months of use, but with a Harbor Freight store close there was no problem getting a new one. I would suggest that much rides on one thing – will your local Sears honor the famous guarantee?I stopped buying Craftsman brand tools when I took a failed ratchet back and they tried to make me take a free repair kit instead. I know Craftsman doesn’t stand up to names like Snap-On but they also don’t carry the premium, pro-level price.

Matco has an agreement with them now where they are making tools just for them. But in recent years, Craftsman, like many tool brands, started manufacturing many of their products in China while continuing to run advertising that would lead customers to believe all the tools were still domestically produced. My recommendation is to own one set of quality tools made in the United States. Made in the USA Craftsman brand loyalists are disappointed with what they feel is a violation of the brand promise. Warrantees on tools don’t do a thing for ya when you’re broke down along the highway or in the woods or fifteen miles down a mining road.

So far, I’ve broken a strap wrench and a 1/4in ratchet and got both replaced the next time I went to Sears. The Craftsman Lifetime Warranty covers HAND TOOLS the one exclusion being torque wrenches…which actually have a lifetime head warranty, the calibration however is not covered. I’ve long considered Craftsman tools to be the best tools, both quality and value wise, for the casual mechanic.

I have Snap-on , Craftsman , S-K and Mac tools some Willams wrenches I inherited from my Father who taught me to be a mechanic. I’ve striven for the last 3 years of my employment at Sears to bring back as much of what made this company great at one time as I can. Some say that non-US-made hand ratchets have less grease, but hand ratchets need lubricating regularly; it is not permanent. Barco Tools – A wide variety of had tools including hammers, axes, pry bars, digging bars, trowels, etc. I happen to test cards and hard drives, so I bought parts which made it easier.