This beautiful handmade beer mug, made of eco-friendly wood from Carpathian mountains, will be a great gift for a man who loves beer. A. In the event a successful Bidder fails to make payment when due, EAHA reserves the right, in its sole and exclusive discretion, to rescind the sale or to resell the Lot(s) in a commercially reasonable manner (which may include a public or private sale); it being understood that the Bidder agrees to pay for the reasonable cost of such a sale, together with any incidental costs of sale, attorney’s fees and costs, costs of the Cataloguer and any other reasonable charge(s).

Q. The term Lot(s)” shall mean the article(s) comprising the Merchandise offered for sale at the Auction. This auction is for an antique wooden tankard which I believe to be 19th century,possibly the early part of although it is impossible (for me) to be definitive about its age. You could of course make ceramic tankards and they are still made but we are going to focus on the more durable types. Crown Rose Deluxe Eton Glass Base One Pint Heavy Gauge Cast Hand Made Pewter Tankard in Wooden Gift Box.

In early America, however, just as was customary in England, a tankard might have been made of a variety of materials, including wooden staves hooped together, leather, glass or earthenware. Don’t know how you are assembling them but tradition would indicate that tankards would be coopered and rely on liquid to swell the wood and keep it watertight. But the truth of the matter is, as I said before, that I didn’t do all this math and geometry when I made my tankard. This site has a lot of information, including details of how the chap makes his own wooden drinking thangs. Be careful not to drill too deep on the tankard side lest you drill all the way through.

Whenever I mix up some epoxy and have some left over, I pour the rest into the bottom of the tankard as if the bottom were a bar top. Bring the seashore to your home bar collection with this Fan Shell Tankard Pitcher. Wooden Tankard with steel hoops is a hand-made fairly large, roughly cylindrical, drinking cups. D. It/he/she shall be liable to EAHA if the proceeds of such sale(s) insufficient to cover the indebtedness.

Metal and ceramic tankards are still manufactured, but are regarded as speciality or novelty items. When working in the field, on a hot day, the meal would stay fresh and cool in a tankard. The word tankard” originally meant any wooden vessel and later came to mean a drinking vessel. When I got home, I searched all over the internet trying to find out what kind of epoxy the makers of these tankards used. Wooden bowls have been used in cooking and for serving/eating for centuries to hold soup , stew, cereal, etc.

In previous centuries, the pewter used to make tankards often contained lead , which exposed the drinker to medical effects ranging from heavy metal poisoning to gout 6 This effect was exacerbated in cider drinking areas such as Somerset, UK, as the acid qualities of the cider leached out the lead content from the pewter more quickly. Like the earliest tankards, ours are made of wooden staves, similar to barrels. You can find tankards made of almost any material and of varying shapes and sizes.