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Your wood utensils need a food safe wood finish to protect and enhance the wood. Of the sealant finishes we were most impressed with the EarthSafe and ECOS brands of wood sealer. However, remember, lead below a particular level can be legally referred to as lead free.” While that might be good enough for a wall that your baby is not likely going to be able to gnaw, since it will be supervised during waking hours, I do not think it is safe enough to be on a crib.

Tried & True offers the craftsman, the architect, the builder and the homeowner high quality wood finishes that will leave a long lasting impression on every project they touch. Beautiful wood finish makes a home wonderful to be in. Clean smelling walls make you want to be there. WOODRx is the only prescription for keeping the wood in your life protected, healthy and beautiful for years! These types of paints are perfect baby safe stains because they are not only environmentally friendly finishes, but also sturdy, cost-effective, and less dangerous to human health.

Using methylated, or denatured, spirits would make it no longer food safe as methylated spirits have toxic additives specifically added to discourage consumption. Even if a furniture finish claims to be VOC free, it can still have unacceptable levels of heavy metals, so be sure to ask the manufacturer about their testing protocols for heavy metals before being sold on a crib with a truly VOC-free coating. It’s transparent (with a slightly shiny finish) so you can either use it on its own if you like the natural wood look or over the top of one of the other brands coloured stains for extra weather wood stain

Minwax 250 VOC Compliant Wood Finish : Minwax, long a tried and true wood stain product, has come out with their own low-VOC line of stains to match their traditional line. Embodied energy and the entire ecological footprint is examined throughout the paint and wood finish formulation process. For this reason, as pointed out by Flexner, many people prefer to omit the staining step when finishing wood. They penetrate the wood surface, improve its resistance to water, and can be refurbished easily.

Epoxy might be safe in theory, but unless it is perfectly proportioned, practically down a molecular level, there will be un-reacted resin and/or hardener microspheres within the matrix. Leaving wood outside uncovered for long periods also causes ultraviolet erosion of the wood. I would do a test area, stain it, let it dry and then give it a good scrubbing to see if it comes off. We use 18th century, time-tested techniques and source only the best, all-natural ingredients to make our finishes safe and environmentally friendly. One easy way to make dark wood stains is to just make your all natural DIY stains darker.

I’ll get to the details on that disgusting mess later (surprise, surprise – it has to do with living in a house that had these kinds of builders and this kind of a previous homeowner ). We’re just talking about good wood here. Now that I have had a child and have seen exactly how much paint a child can and does chew off of its crib, while its parents are sound asleep, I just wouldn’t risk it. Remember, Mythic is low VOC, which is a statement regarding what it releases into your air. I too am not crazy about the look of oiled wood; however, I think this is one area where we moms need to put our aesthetic sense completely aside.