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Buy the best wood cutting board you can afford, take care of it, and it is likely that your grandchildren will be using it. Even as cutting boards age, or especially as they age, good wooden cutting boards become more and more attractive. Your local hardware store will help you with the stripper, again without knowing the type of wood or woods it’s kinda hard to guide you, but anything that’s thick and that you don’t have to leave on for long 20 minutes max. Our counter tops are found in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and beyond. The wood that comprise these examples are joined together so the end grain faces the work surface. These boards give a truly resistant cutting surface while being kind to the blade’s sharp edge.

Treat your butcher block with natural food-grade mineral oil once per week to keep the wood moist and to prevent it from drying or cracking. It is important to finish and install unfinished butcher blocks and wide plank tops within one week after receiving to prevent any warping, bowing, or cracking. But I’m not a wood handler so I’m sure there must be a reason for doing it the way they do. It was only after I’d done all that that I found out I could have bought a worktop, twice as long as I needed for not much more than I paid for the original wood I used!

Oiling butcher block only takes a few minutes, but the oil does need time to penetrate the wood, so it’s best to do it before bed so it can sit overnight. It really puts our faux-butcher block laminate veneer counters (from the 1980’s) in our kitchen to shame. Wood planks are glued together with their wide surface positioned as the countertop surface. Choices for green countertops are available through wood from certified and sustainable and/or reclaimed sources.

They are very easy to apply, but they do not harden in the wood fiber, making the protection much less resistant and durable than tung oil. Black walnut has a striking grain that gives the dark brown wood additional visual interest and depth. If you an end-grain counter top, you can apply the Pure Tung Oil straight or uncut to these surfaces. Maple is another traditional choice for butcher block countertops and kitchen cabinetry and floors.

I did a walnut and rock maple end grain board and it just took away the natural beauty and it’s too dark,…. Glue and clamp the top together in three or four sections, rather than try to glue the entire tabletop together at one time. If we cut food, most likely we’ll use a regular plastic cutting board anyway because I can throw it in the dishwasher to sanitize it. The wrong sides of the counters were noticeable because of gaps between lengths of wood and also more knots. Larch Wood’s beautiful medium carving board has a generous moat to collect juices and liquids during food preparation.

I’m assuming you weren’t refinishing your countertop for use as a true butcher block.” Not only will cutting on a beautiful wood surface scratch it, but you could end up with modified polyurethane resin bits in your food (Dan, not harmful, by the way once cured…I still wouldn’t want to ingest it). Once dry, I was content to just use a tac cloth to wipe them down a bit and call it a day (or month), but Mr. C insisted we ever so lightly sand the tops to make them smooth and get rid of any air bubbles.

Ana White has a great video here , and then here’s another short video that shows how to join wood edge to edge like you’d need to do for this particular project. It won’t exactly be like a French polish because you won’t be able to see clear down to the wood grain, even though the finish is polished. As the butcher’s would work on the blocks, the fats and grease from their work would saturate the work area, and the wood would absorb it like a sponge. I am looking to oil it to make it darker…. Should I use mineral , linseed, tung or walnut oil. Pour out a small amount of oil, and rub it into the wood using a cloth or paper towel.

This really is an easy project, but your diligence at this point will make the difference between a good butcher block and one that you’re really proud to show off. High quality: Our butcher block is built to last with kiln-dried hardwood and is glued up with FDA-approved, non-formaldehyde adhesives. If you have two pieces that are fit together, I.E. a 45 degree miter, it is recommended that a small bead of acid free silicone be applied to the top and bottom of the joints to insure a good seal between the two pieces. Some sources for wood countertops don’t put limitations on the edge treatment styles, allowing you to specify whatever shape you wish.

Again, I wouldn’t be actually cutting things directly onto the counter (I would still use a cutting board), but I wouldn’t have to concern myself with the possible contamination issue either. You will want to use a good stain/conditioner to help ensure even stain absorption, unless you don’t mind a more rustic” look. I am about to start my first in a long series of cutting boards for holiday gifts.