J. Phil Thien’s Woodcraft Sharpener Review

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If you are not satisfied with any Makita tool within 30 days of purchase, return it and Makita will provide a replacement or refund. Makita put me on the track for the 2030 knives, the correct number is 793018-5 (for the regular steel knives). The 98202 is engineered for woodworkers and general contractors seeking a best-in-class sharpener for planer blades and more. Versatile sharpener, sharpens drill bits, knife blades, scissors, chisels and planer blades.

The height of the blade has to be set just a fraction higher than the rear outfeed table, and we are talking thou here, not millimetres. This outstanding sharpener comes equipped with a grinding wheel, blade holder, a water feed for cooling blades and a quiet 560 rpm motor that will leave your blade with a fine finish and a sharp edge. Makita Screwdriver bits are produced in Europe to Makita’s high quality standard using special S2 alloyed steel and a state-of-the-art heat treatment process. There are two more 10 minute videos to come that talk about reinstalling planer joiner knives and then using them to dimensionalize a board.

There are three steps to getting a good grind: (1) Get your knives installed in the knife holder correctly. Now, back the four knife adjustment knobs out of the knife holder enough that they won’t touch the knife when inserted. I sharpened the blades in my Ryobi electric block plane on one of those Makita water stones, and it took forever. Of Course pleasure to sharpen O1 and A2 steel hand planer irons – that is for what I am using it for. This represents rather an opportunity for us. Makita 9820-2 electric sharpener has been pictured by a jillion gangs as a sort of makita 9820-2 sharpener.

They were fit to be hung but also the kind of makita 9820-2 electric sharpener that you will choose will have something to do with makita 9820-2 planer knife sharpener. We have a one year old 15″ grizzly planer and 8″ grizzly jointer in the student shop and a 20″ planer (very old but with brand new donated blades) and a 12″ jointer (presently not being used but told it runs) in the maintenance shop. Using a plate or stone at least as wide as the blade itself ensures the most even sharpening experience.

You can overheat a chisel in a matter of seconds on a fine grinding wheel, the planer knives shouldn’t be any different. All your grinding and sharpening can be done with absolutely no risk of overheating an edge and drawing the tool’s temper; a constant supply from a gravity-feed tank on the sharpener keeps stones from clogging or glazing and keeps a tool cool through even the most vigorous grinding.makita planer blade sharpener

You will be there all afternoon trying to take a nick out of a planer knife or reestablishing a bevel with the 1000. Basic Makita machine with 1000 grit factory stone (and a spare 1000 grit stone I picked up somewhere). Trying to decide if I should go with a more expensive Makita water cooled or the grizzly. With both hands securely but comfortably on the knife holder, slide the knife from left to right across the stone. I own the course green wheel also, but seldom use it since I rarely damage my knife edges.

Makita is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial quality power tools and offers a wide range of industrial accessories. Power Master – Multi Sharpener Electric 96Watt PRO Tool Drill Bit Scissor Chisel Planer Blad e.. Knife and scissor sharpener.. Chisel plane sharpener regrinds. To get a good planed finish will require a blade that is much finer than what a dry grinder can produce. Be prepared to make several attempts to get it spot on, but the effort is well worthwhile as the planer feels totally different when it is cutting perfectly with both knives properly set.

The other trademarks, service marks and logos displayed in the Website are registered and unregistered trademarks of Makita and others. Don’t forget that when you get toward the end of a knife increase the speed…add a little zip to keep the knife end from being overground. Just recently purchased a Makida sharpener and came across your website after reading the directions that came with the unit (and wanting to know more). In actuality, it wouldn’t make any sense to only to discover that makita 9820 2 blade sharpener won’t be able to handle makita 9820 2 parts. The blade is then run smoothly across a lapping plate or along a large sharpening stone.

I surely hope the seller of that makita unit comes thru, it looks like a very nice tool to have for all flat edged tool sharpening needs. First, you can allow a small gap between the tool holder and the tool rest, in which case the blade is supporting” itself, as is the case when one uses the typical sharpening jig on a stone, with, for example, a chisel. Model 1806B 6 ¾” planer; 5/64” planing depth; 10.9 amp (115V); 15,000 RPM no load speed, 16.4′ cord; 20 7/8” overall length; 19.3 lbs weight. The problem that I have is that I just can’t get the jointer or planer blade to sharpen straight.

The Hand Tool Jig replaces the Makita tool holder, but rides on the tool rest in a similar fashion, allowing easy set-up for correct grinding angle. I ended up googling the sharpener and found some excellent tips from previous users that really made sharpening understandable and easy to perform. If inspection shows the trouble is caused by defective workmanship or material, Makita will repair (or at its option, replace without charge). It is a rotating disc on top of the motor, and has a jig for doing planer blades. With its 12 9/32” width, this planer allows for full width planing of large timbers in one pass.

I will admit that I have been guilty of trying to eek an extra few passes out of my joiner and surface planer blades in the past, just because I either was in the middle of a job or did not want to take the time to change blades or sharpen the dull ones. The Makita knife holders do a good job of keeping knives pretty even but it is a good idea to check them periodically.

The Dewalt blades are thin so I do both edges for the same price as a 12 inch single edge.I have been sharpening planer blades since grinder is limited to 1/4 inch thick and 20 inch long blades.Little sharpening done can touch up blades with hand stone in the head but they get very uneven. Model KP312 12 9/32” beam planer; 1/8” planing depth; 15 amp (115V); 12,000 RPM no load speed; 33′ cord; 21 ¾” overall length; 40 lbs weight.

If a knife isn’t straight to begin with, work its full length with the same steady strokes, applying a little more pressure as you cross any high spots. Love it. Do you also flatten the back of the blade (as in plane irons or chisels), and do you gring a micro-bevel after the initial angle is groundTIA, and thanks for your post. A hardened blade will likely have a lot of internal stress and when you grind away one side, you remove part of the stressed area so the rest pulls its way.

The primary focus of these instructional woodworking videos is how to use and master the Makita 9820-2 Blade Sharpener. I suggest you not buy into the advertising that Toromek puts out about their Planer blade jig. I did a quick search but could not find a thread someone posted a while back where they shapened blades by cutting a slot in a board that matched the bevel angle and width of the blade and then sharpened using a ROS. Set the fence to do the cuts at one side of the blade and when it gets dull, move it a bit to work with a sharper section of blade. However the dilemma, at least to me, is how the blade should be supported by the tool rest.

Note that if the two edges of a knife aren’t parallel, you can compensate by shimming the appropriate side of your knife holder during this process. I have a Jet Wet Sharpener and the Tormek planer blade sharpening jig will work on it but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on one so far…especially with my buddy being adept at sharpening. Makita bonded abrasives can be used on machines as diverse as angle grinders and petrol cutters to cut or grind metal or masonry, including concrete.