Flat, Gloss, Or Satin Paint

With exterior satin finishes becoming increasingly popular for professional painters and decorators, there’s never been a better time to experience first hand the exceptional performance qualities of the Johnstone’s Stormshield Exterior Trim range. Can only say wow love this paint it goes a long way as paint covers well and I must confess I did’nt undercoat just sanded and glossed and it’s taken two coats. Test your colors and your finish on the wall before you settle on your final choices. I love spray paint because I can spray a coat, not clean up, and then run back inside to nurse a baby. You can sand down to the black primer or go beyond it to the wood if you want some of the wood popping out.satin paint for wood

The paint may look lumpy and unworkable in the can, but that is the nature of the paint. Apply 2 coats evenly with a good quality brush, working in the direction of the wood grain. As well as a shift in the marketplace towards satin finishes, there has also been a significant demand by consumers for more striking colours for their exterior trim, such as bold blues, greens and reds. Radiator paint – For use on central heating pipes and radiators, it will stand up to the high temperatures without discolouring as other paints are prone to do. We kept it simple, choosing a glossy paint that would give a sleek, clean look.

I find a sanding block the best and easiest way to sand the surface of the furniture to rough up the finish so the paint has something to adhere to. You can see the one I use in the above photo. And yet another reason why larger pieces of furniture with flat surfaces don’t necessarily look better when spray painted. Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood creates a mid-sheen satin finish, providing a subtle, attractive alternative to gloss. I used Elmer’s wood filler to fill in the holes where the old hardware was attached because I wanted my new hardware higher up. You’ll also want to use wood filler on any dings, dents, and scratches.satin paint for wood

If you decide to use an oil based paint, which I actually think is a more practical solution, then the main issue with that is that white paints will discolour to a creamy, or even yellow tone over time, especially in areas that don’t get sunlight ie under a rug. I spent several hundred dollars on this paint to cover 1800 sq ft. FIND ANOTHER PAINT! For a distressed furniture look, you might enjoy reading how to paint wood furniture – glazed distressed style and see how I transformed an antique china hutch.

If you can find a latex enamel paint in the color you want, then I would go with that as enamel has a very durable finish and is perfect on kids, bathroom, and kitchen furniture where a lot of abuse and moisture can occur. Both solvent-based and latex-based versions of gloss and satin paints are available. High gloss paint was used on all the cabinetry and mouldings in this project of mine.

Paint consists of pigments and an oil or water-based binder (the binder being the majority in volume). If your skirting looks okay now and just really need freshening up, it should be fine to (more or less) just paint them. Liquid gloss needs an undercoat but gives the more traditional high gloss finish and is extremely hard wearing and resistant to dirt.

Eggshell – This is usually a water-based acrylic paint that is suitable for wood and metal, often including radiators. SUITABLE FOR WOOD AND METAL (INCLUDING RADIATORS)DULUX SATINWOOD brings a subtle, mid-sheen finish to all interior wood and metal (including radiators). A semi-gloss red, for example, will appear darker on the wall than the same shade in satin or matte finish.

Although common practice is to remove a door before painting, Santos says you might as well paint it in place – that way, you can paint all sides at once and won’t have to rehang it. First, remove the knobs and hardware, and mask hinges (Santos suggests brushing on two coats of rubber cement to mask hardware). I think i shall be sourcing some oil based satin and trying that and yes i do rub down and between coats, but i hate it!!!!!

So, I did a fair bit of research when we decided to paint the hall and lets just say, I found it a little bit confusing, with the amount of conflicting advice out there on forums especially. I do find white satin doesn’t seem to cover a gloss finish very well, without several coats – but find it much easier to use and a nicer finish. This is why I had to brush paint my bookcases in my office because the sides kept getting that splotchy look from the spray. Or get instructions on how to distress furniture using traditional sanding and denting. If you want your work to last, purchase the highest quality paint you can afford.

The three best totally cheap tools are (1) the spray can holder that, (2) sand paper sponges, and (3) the flat painting pads — the tiniest one actually works the best at getting an even coat, without drips. If a crack has formed between the join of the woodwork and the wall, fill and seal this with caulk – a waterproof substance which is sold in a cartridge and applied with a gun. I went back to my b&q store to complain about the paint and ask if this was possibly a faulty mix. For a decorative finish coat to last and look as good as possible, the right base coats are essential. So, I will now attempt to explain to everyone how I like to paint my furniture.