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A balance bicycle, or run bike is a training bicycle that helps children learn balance and steering. Bicycles on display include: an 1898 Chilion ladies bike, the treebike, Italian wood bike designs by Giuseppi Matera, a wooden town bike by The Amazing Wooden Bike Company, fine wooden bicycles by Tino Sana, a modern racing bike design by Peter Dahlberg, the 1896 Hickory Ladies Model, wooden wheel building, the Dragon Bike, Magni Vinicio’s line of Italian bikes and much more.

Initially, Thompson and Tully didn’t realize that setting a land speed record involves certain unavoidable costs.” As Thompson says on his website, We thought that we could knock up a wooden bike and run it down the road, follow along in a car, check the speedo and hey presto… we’ve just set a land speed record!” It is not that simple though, so they are now trying to raise £7500 to pay for the specialized speed measuring equipment that they will need.

I copied the curve of a previous wooden booter that I’d built ages ago, but the big cheese told me he wanted facts, he wanted numbers, he wanted the science behind it. With that in mind I took my piece of string and a stone and experimented with different radii, trying to match the freehand curve I had sketched earlier The nearest I got was an 2440mm (8 ft) radius, so I went with it.

Thompson has documented the building process on his blog Now that the bike is complete, it is interesting to look back and see the earlier prototypes and drawings Most of the posts are interesting, but I particularly liked the one that showed how the wooden tire surface was enhanced with 3.5mm of grippy adhesive It doesn’t look like the most comfortable ride ever, but it definitely beats a raw wood contact surface on the track.

I used an old abroller, but any piece of steel or aluminium tubing properly bent will do. The distance between the trailer and the hitch attachment should be 16 inches, I have a 26 inch wheel bike I screwed in a piece of wood to the frame to elevate the arm to the proper height and then screwed in the arm in that piece thinking it would be strong enough…WRONG!

As another, ongoing test, Chris is still riding his original prototype bike, a cruiser with the least sophisticated design and construction.” His intent is to ride it to see what it does with time, and different conditions.” Since most wooden bikes haven’t been around for decades, he points out, there really isn’t data on how they hold up over time.

On the rack you will find two pegs for hanging your helmet, lock, or what have you. It has been done, you’re seeing it, and I think I hear you saying you don’t trust wood as a frame material because someone else’s aluminum frame broke. Kryptonite: The only time I ever beat Kenny on a ride, I was riding my Kryptonite bike. I fitted a classic Campagnolo style stem and I think it looks a bit weedy on the fat wooden frame.

With the shape of the rack boxed in, we can now install the rest of the cross pieces. The main downfall of a wooden bike is not strength but abrasion and impact resistance which can be substantially mitigated with fiber glass. The newest phase of the project was to add an animated wooden penguin puppet to the front, which the driver can manipulate with his hands.

If people don’t know you have a bike then they will not be inclined to steal it. But if they know you have one then you need to plan on physical security. The wheel of a lawnmower, for example, will serve pretty well as the wheel of the balance bike. I was worried about rear derailleur clearance, but the only bike that is even remotely close is the Giant Trance, with 26in wheels and a long-cage derailleur.

Another project inspiring people to make a bike that can get them hurt or killed if they use it. Nifty idea, but, even professionally made bikes fail and with luck people should not get hurt just to have some novelty item. This is the material list and cost estimate to build this bike shed It came in a little higher than I first estimated but it is still a reasonable price at $215.00. In addition, adding that middle set of gears would change how the existing bike gear ratios worked.

The slot can be horizontal like the wood plan, diagonal like the PVC plan, or vertical like the typical pipe rack found on city streets. Actually, before the Ford Model T was introduced quite a few cars, mostly obscure, forgotten marques that were built by carriage makers trying to stay relevant by motorising their products, had wooden chassis. We intend to do something similar with bicycles; the idea is to deploy wooden bikes-for-loan in the Zuidas area, and this fits in with the cultural image there.

That bike is a total pathetic piece of crap, with crummy workmanship rivaling… well, what Canondale will become now that it’s been bought out by a company that makes department store bikes. According to Timmer, the natural properties of the wooden frame are able to absorb vibrations more effectively than more rigid frame materials. The lower 2x4s go on the inside; if the long diagonal went on the inside it would create more interference with the bike that hangs next to it.

Marwin, who got his woodworking start with Kittinger Furniture, believes that it is a good time to produce a wooden bike. After lamination, the frame is pared down by hand to smooth out the lines, then epoxy-coated to make it water- and beetle-proof and to leave the grain of the wood exposed. The Deckster does more, it can also use the revolutionary Hobie Mirage drive allowing you to face forward and keep your hands free whilst in motion. It comes with wooden parts that attach to the bike frame to add a white horse silhouette.

My husband is a cyclist and every time I suggest we get a balance bike for the kids he reminds me all you have to do is take the pedals/cranks off a regular one 🙂 I imagine that the littlest bikes are available in pretty good shape second-hand since they don’t’ ride them for long. We offers custom ramp design services from huge stunt ramps to FMX, snowmobile, SuperMoto, BMX or mountain bike ramps, boxes or obstacles of any sort. If you plan to mount the rack on a masonry wall, a masonry wall mounting kit can be acquired at your local hardware store.

The 2x4s will fasten to the cut ends of the 2x6s, so two of the 2×6 sections will double as the ends of the rack. I would rather take my chances on this bike than drive to work- statistically I would be safer on the bike. Over in Italy, GiocoSolutions, a young company specializing in ‘alternative energies,’ presented their WEB (Wood E-Bike) recently, a hand-crafted bike aimed at sustainable transport without the pollution. The ‘Horsey’ kit enables you to give virtually any bike a fun and creative makeover.wooden bike plans