Craftsman NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver

I have one regular 19.2V Craftsman Li-Ion battery, one smaller (lower-capacity) 19.2V Li-Ion, and a 19.2V Ni-Cad (all of which I’ve only used 1-2 times previously, at most). Having overall dimensions of 8 in x 3.2 in x 2.2 in, it also includes a storage case, 3/8 inch drive bit chuck, 5/16 hex shank x 4. Overall, this impact driver is straightforward and perfect and must-have for any auto mechanic working especially on Honda and Acura models or even for motorcycles. A solid tool, designed to get the job done, add this powerful machine to your tool kit, and get the job done with the power of Craftsman. The smaller PS31 took quite a bit longer to do these tasks, but these impressive numbers still display the overall abilities of the tool.

Any Craftsman items that we cannot handle and are still under warranty will be serviceable through Sears as any other Craftsman item would be. Combo kits that include both an impact driver and a drill/driver using the same 12V lithium ion batteries offer a great spectrum of capabilities for woodworkers, and a great value as well. Since recommending the drill three years ago, we have used this tool regularly and never had any issues. So all in all the tool did not actually get them to turn on its own but it sure as hell broke them free enough to the point that the breaker bar made short work of them. Most impact drivers are lithium ion powered, so there is not much to worry here.

Having quite a high torque impact, this impact driver is steadily able to loosen fastened screws using its reversible drive. The cordless impact the OP owns is perfectly acceptable for the task at hand, as those of us who own them can attest to. Either he has a defective unit (which is possible with any manufacturer) or his lug nuts are over-torqued to a dangerously high level. I am one of those neighbors whose life has been turned into a living hell because of my neighbor’s love affair with his impact driver.

But ideally, if i could find a Porter-Cable impact driver that came with 2 lithium-ion batteries & the charger…that’s what I would like to do. But again, buying them individually would run about $175 just for the two lithium-ion batteries and charger. While not the most svelte hand held tool I’ve ever used, the Craftsman obviously wasn’t as heavy as the hammer drill it plays substitute for, but is of course heavier than a hand held electric screwdriver. However, it depends on whether you want a bare tool or a battery included tool.

Having a product weight of only 3.2 lbs, the AIRCAT 1300-TH 3/8-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench with Super Clutch Twin Hammer Mechanism has product dimensions of 8 in x 8 in x 2 in, is air powered and is a bare tool only> This impact driver has a warranty of 1 year for the parts and labor. I have a local sears outlet/parts store that has what I think is the same model impact wrench but in a set that comes with NiCad batteries for about $60.

This impact driver meets ANSI standards so you can be very sure of its quality, performance, safety, user friendliness, usability and many other standards. An impact driver’s innards are engineered to generate torque, not powerful forward blows. Check the reviews for advantages and disadvantages of the product before you proceed to buy it so that you will know what you should expect from buying the impact driver itself.

The size works well if you’re storing it indoors, and the battery lasts long enough that you can usually pick it up and use it after a few weeks without needing a recharge. Two batteries: Having two batteries allows you to use one battery while the other recharges. Craftsman offers both single-stage and two-stage snow throwers enabling you to clear your driveway or walkway quicker. Two Ridgids charge two batteries in 30 minutes, letting you use and charge both in rapid succession. The Panasonic EY7202GQW posted by Brian is the cats Meow of the impact drivers (IMHO).

It includes the lithium ion battery (BL1830), charger and tool case and has a 3 year warranty for tool and battery. I’d rather pay once for a Made in America tool and battery than numerous times for Chinese junk. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. The composite housing is very durable and in addition, the exhaust is through the handle to keep the user’s face from getting debris, which is fairly important when it comes to any power tool, especially impact drivers. Take note that this driver is a bare tool only, battery must be bought separately.

Having a max torque of 1,420 in lbs, which is fairly high compared to most impact drivers of the same category, it of course has a quick bit change due to its 1/4 hex chuck. I didn’t mean combo set as in more than one tool…just the impact driver with two lithium-ion batteries and a charger. The drill also has the same LED set-up as the Bosch PS31, which casts a large shadow above the tool.

The DeWALT impact driver delivered slightly better power and performance, and the Porter Cable offers impressive value and very good performance (more than enough for my woodworking and DIY needs), so either one is a great choice. Instead of just buying another replacement battery (Currently $35 at Sears on sale), I wanted to look into getting a new 18v or 19.2v lithium-ion set and add an impact driver as well. As far as the reason for the problems with the impact wrench, it’s possible that the nuts get tighter over time.

The Powerbuilt 648002 1/2-Inch Drive Impact Driver Kit is very useful for easy loosening and fastening frozen screws. It’s such a small, light, easy-to-handle tool that my afternoon spent hanging window blinds above my head was no problem at all. Possessing a very ergonomic and compact design, the Craftsman 9-17562 Nextec 12-volt Right-Angle Impact Driver is a good buy when it comes to super compact impact drivers that don’t pack up much weight and good for very narrow spots. So, it’s either a clutched drill, OR an impact driver, but not both at the same time. I found myself accidentally hitting the button with the top of my hand in between uses.

The Craftsman 20-Volt Drill Driver comes with two 20-Volt Lithium-Ion battery packs that maintain their power for longer periods than older battery technology. All tested drills (but none of the impact drivers) have an adjustable clutch, most with at least 16 settings. While in the other hand you can take a rubber mallet and then strike top of driver with it. Now this striking action will increase the power being exerted on screw, which will drive it faster than a manual screwdriver. Cordless varieties of Electrical Impact Drivers are popular as they can be used anywhere after being charged.

Several manufacturers are offering combo kits” that include an impact driver along with a traditional cordless drill, using the same Lithium Ion battery (as someone with a cabinet full of different chargers and batteries, I say battery standardization is a great thing). Of course, that was years ago and the right angle driver didn’t exist then, but still, the thought is there.

I’ve never had a craftsman product last more then a year and frankly working 70 hours a week I do not have time to replace them, so therefor I prefer heavier quality and things that will last longer. Where if I bought this, I would probably craigslist the bare bones Porter-Cable drill, my beat up Craftsman drill, light, charger & one good battery. They don’t have nearly the torque of big impact wrenches, but cordless impact drivers can be a time-saver when you tinker with engines.

If you want the best impact driver in which you can choose up to 3 speeds, you should pick the DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver. An LED work light is highly important, especially on the fact that you will most likely be using an impact driver under the hood or in dark garages where there is minimal light source.

We have seen these hand impact tools in action, and they are remarkably helpful for removing tight fasteners. This hand-held Impact Driver is not to be confused with the hundreds of pneumatic and power Impact Drivers which have largely replaced it. For occasional use, this little guy will do — although it takes some skill to keep it on the bolt when you hammer it. I’ve used the Craftman’s brand, which is half the cost of the Snap-On.

That’s less than $150 for each of the goods ones, that’s pretty inexpensive for a quality tool. It’s nice to hear that others with this impact wrench are breaking lug nuts loose. Chuck type: A 12-inch chuck lets you use larger straight-shank drill bits than does a typical 38-inch chuck for drilling larger holes. The Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt Cordless Impact Driver is a great performing impact driver at a very reasonable price point.

Utilizing the driving force of a hammer blow, it locks both sockets, Phillips and slotted bits into place, helping end slip and stripping, while the internal torque mechanism gets things turning. The Black+Decker and the Craftsman are both just a whisker heavier at 2 pounds, 3 ounces. Check reviews if this particular impact driver has stood up to many years of operation and never broke down as easily as cheap ones out there. It releases bits easily, ejecting them the way you’d shuck a spent shell from a shotgun.

If I go Craftsman, I’ll just get the drill/impact driver combo set with batteries and charger. Impact drivers have sold briskly in Asia, where Panasonic says it has quieted them with oil cushioning technology. Until quieter models arrive, we believe manufacturers should put impact driver noise warnings on the box and product, and include a set of earplugs. Also, below you will see our youtube woodworking projects video reviewing both the impact driver and drills. Other impact drivers that did not make it to our list do not have anything special to offer, but they do function as good impact drivers. It worked great to pre-drill with the drill, and drive screws with the impact driver.craftsman hand impact driver