Table Saw Parts

Calculator converts to/from decimal inches, fractional inches, millimeters. He asked me if my motor started up a little slow (which it does) and he said his now starts quick. Catelectric: no, of course you have to change the motor taps, as the original posted said. If you take the time to true the blade to the table slots, and true the fence to them as well, you can get good results from a Craftsman table saw. It’s just something for whatever you’re running thru the saw to get hung up on. I like to see the blade when I’m running it and I can’t with the guard on. Some motors are totally sealed up, which keeps debris out of the inside of the motor.

A good rule of thumb is that if the manual for the tool contains info on brush replacement then you can probably do it yourself. Before purchasing though, you may want to tear the old motor apart and see if it can be fixed.. unless you let the magic smoke out of it, most are pretty easy to repair since there isn’t really a lot to them. Bronco,maybe the motor has a reset button on it,or maybe your motor is burnt up,or maybe all you need is some new motor brushes. What are painted are the metal sides that attach to the cast iron top (there’s a word for those, but it’s early), and I started taking the rust and old paint off of those last night with a wire wheel attached to my drill.

I can’t bring myself to by a new table saw because I think (right or wrong) that they don’t make ’em like they used to. Of these, capacitor failure is really the only one that most folks would want to attempt to fix themselves, although there are cases when you can effect a repair on the starter switch without much trouble. You will rewire the motor and replace the plug and the wall outlet; these should be the pin pattern for 220 V so it cannot be accidentally plugged into a 110 V outlet. When I turn it on, the blade turns (though it seems to lag the motor a bit) but when it makes contact with wood, it stops.

The entire heavy motor case helps dissipate heat with fan blow air over the motor body. If you can’t figure out how to replace the brushes yourself, you may want to consider whether or not to send the tool in for repair or just pitch it and replace it. Brush replacement and minor maintenance for a hand held tool will generally take one shop hour. Tapping the other end of the motor shaft with a ruber mallet while vacuuming may help to dislodge built up gunk.craftsman table saw motor replacement

They can be repaired by any motor shop, but whether a motor is worth repairing depends on what is wrong with it and its size (actually, its replacement cost). They went inside of this larger assembly that combines an MDF table top with an Accusquare rip fence to greatly increase the working surface of the tool. During the replacement process, clean all of the interior moving parts thoroughly to prevent any contamination of the new motor. Or, it could be a simple problem of a stray sliver of wood jamming motor movement.

If it is wired for 220 volts and you have it plugged in to a 110 circuit, the motor will startup just fine although the speed will be slow, but as soon as you put a cutting load on it the motor will stall out. When you’re ready to take it to the next level I wrote a couple articles on this site about some table saw mods I did -Magnetic-Motor-Starter/ -Table-Saw-Rip-Fence-Build/ I think they make a Craftsman table saw much nicer. It could have been changed at some time if the motor is not original to the saw.

If the capacitor is not the problem and if the motor is sealed, whatever is wrong with the motor will require the thing to be opened up, something best left to a motor repair shop. Look for a VEGA ‘utility’ saw fence, very good quality at a reasonable price- compared to Beismeyer, Delta (same company anyway), Jet, and the like. Don’t automatically assume that you need a new table saw just because you have motor problems. Collect all the dust, and scrape off any accumulated residue on the blade, in the blade arbor, around the motor, the fan and motor shaft.

If you go to and type in 113.29901 for a model number at option #2 (about the center of the page), you’ll be taken to a page with a diagram or a parts list (you choose). Since table saws naturally create excess particles floating around looking for a place to land, regular table saw maintenance can help prevent this and maintain the life of your table saw motor. The design of motor will not allow me to change on the support brackets, let alone no arbor sticking out of the other side of motor to switch pulley to other side. Hooked it up, rewired the motor to work off of 220, turn it on,,,,,,find out that the motor is spinning the wrong way.